PX-W1210TA, anybody used one?

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I’m a computer technician for a school, and have acquired a Plextor W1210TA drive (EIDE, 12x/10x/32x). From what I’ve heard it’s only burned about 10 CD’s in it’s lifetime, and is in mint condition.

I’m just wanting to know which is likely to be a better CD burner, the plextor or an LG GSA-H55N DVDRW drive?

Has anybody used the plextor? I found a thread about the SCSI version, but it wasn’t comparing it to a newer drive.

Any help appreciated. Cheers!

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I have a couple Plextor Premium’s and one Premium II and they are great CD-R(W) writers. I also have a Yamaha F1 (SCSI/IDE). Some of those SCSI adapters will just unscrew off with IDE connector underneath.

Sorry i really have no knowledge on that Plextor model but someone else might. Not sure if that model better but i use my CDRW burners for burning CD-R(W)'s exclusively. I haven’t found a DVD burner that burns as good as my CDRW’s. So i would use the Plextor.

Now on to the media. If possible i would use Tayio Yuden or Verbatim CD-R’s for best quality burns. Beings how you can only burn CD-R’s at 12x that’s is the speed i would use or 8x would workout ok also.

Hopefully someone here will know more about that model. That is an antique for sure, but a nice one.

Hi Bob,

I’ve just bought a 100 tub of yuden discs, so I plan to do a couple of tests to compare the drives. I’ll post scan results up too.

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I had a Plex 12/10/32A (those were definitely the write speeds, but I may be hazy on how many letters in the model name ;)) back in the day…which going by the write speeds could be similar?

Great burner, though I’m not sure how it stacks up against the LG. CD-RW drives are said by many to be better at burning CDs than DVD-RW drives though, so I think for that reason I’d stick with the Plex. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=rk696;2199262]Hi Bob,

I’ve just bought a 100 tub of yuden discs, so I plan to do a couple of tests to compare the drives. I’ll post scan results up too.[/QUOTE]kewls :cool: i’d like to see a few burns with it.

I used to be a heavy user of the SCSI version of your drive (till about 6month ago when my SCSI card died).
Your Plex 1210TA (SCSI version included) and the Premium1 and 2 are one of the best CD burners Plextor ever made. I have done many comparison tests with my 1210, a Pioneer 112, NEC 3500, Plextor 708 and Plextor 760 and I must say the 1210 is the best when writing CD-Rs rated at 1~32x or 1~24x or slower rated media. The biggest difference I observed where the 1210 beats all my DVD drives is when i used 8x media (oldest media I have). On the other hand when i used 52x rated CD-Rs the difference between the 1210 and the DVD drives is smaller.
This is likely due to the fact that the 1210 does not have the right strategies for the newer media and the DVD drives do not have the right strategy for the older media.
So if you have older media there is not many drives around which are better at writing CD-Rs than the 1210. With newer media the 1210 is still a very good burner but you will not be able to unlock its full potential.
To unlock the full potential of your drive pls use the following still widely available discs:

  • TY for Audio CD-R (These use older 32x or even 16x dyes)
  • Verbatim for Audio CD-Rs (same reason as the TY for Audio)
  • Normal Taiyo Yuden 2-52x Discs (burn very well even without right strategy)

For burning speed i would recommend to use 12x on the 52x discs and for audio CD-Rs (or any 1-32x or slower rated discs) any speed you like. On the 1-32x or slower rated discs and the 1210 the burn slower better quality rule still applies (this rule does not apply to 52x rated CD-Rs and to newer drives).