PX-R820T but

hello sorry for my bad english,
i have the plextor 8 20 a very good burner realy fast for read/extract images of software sd1,sd2,securom1&2 but a little slow for extract bad sector eg laserlock & other whith big errorsectors like desperados or cossacks (3hours for a perfect backup).
my other readers are hitachi dvd gd2500 and asus34x cd-s340
so they are not very good for readers for a full read eg subchanel data raw96 etc…and very slow too for bad sector!!
so i want to buy a very good reader a cd rom if possible
with this specifications: very fast badsector extracting and reding sub cannel audio and data track raw+96 as my plextor 8 20
THANKS FOR HELP ME!!!(administrators):slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

use banana or something! :wink:

Get a Plextor 40 speed cd rom (I think Plextor are stopping the production of this drive soon) or toshiba DVD SCSI or IDE. They are the best.
I have a plex 8x20, a toshiba dvd drive, plex 32 and 40 speed cdrom. The perfect solution.


yes thanks you have the plextor40x scsi (i think) but about the speed of bad sector extraction?
because the 8 20 is not fast for this and i think it is the same for
the plextor 40x ?? NO??
a many time you have got a image for a laserlock game??

I have a TOSHIBA DVD SD-M1502 and it takes about 30 minutes to make an image of LaserLock protected games like Desperados and Cossacks… My Plextor 1210A takes a bit longer :slight_smile:

I have the ultraplex 40x and I can tell you, it reads anything

the only thing is that when you read a Laserlock protected cd it takes 1houre to read it, but hey it workes.