PX-Q840u question

I just installed this drive on my computer in hopes to have a working drive. I go to pop in a movie and it won’t play. It’s supposed to be a DVD drive and everything, but for some odd reason it won’t play. I’ve done about everything I know and am about to throw this thing out the window! Any suggestions? I’m sure it’s something simple too, but I’m getting frustrated :a

Do you have software on your computer that is capable of playing movies? If you click on my computer, does the drive show up, and does it show that it has a dvd in it?

It’s not showing up. I inserted the dvd and i don’t notice any change on my screen. It’s on an XP machine, if that makes a difference.

So when you connect the drive, does it come up and say that windows has found the device and that it is connected? Can you click on MY COMPUTER, and does it show the drive?

It shows the drive and it shows up in my computer…its just that it won’t play.