PX-DB608AL announced



Plextor Europe announces slim-dual-slot-in-drive:


“The 5.25” Dual Bay is designed for providing 2 slim-line drives to be built into a PC."

Nice idea IMHO, if you have little space.


Yes I’ve Wouldn’t Of Thought Of Putting A Internal Slim DVD Burner for Notebooks Into A Normal PC.

Or Maybe There’s A Little Bit More To It, That Just That…Lol.


it looks nice :slight_smile:


I hope they each have their own IDE/SATA cable.

edit: just looked at the back and they each have a 2.5" IDE interface.

I just thought of how expensive this is going to be. Guess I won’t be getting one, I mean two wait…


I’d like to replace my Mac mini’s combo drive with this unit. I hope the front bezel’s removeable.


been available forever here:

very cool product either way.