We can’t find any reviews anywhere, so here I am, asking noob questions.

Thinking of putting two of these in a new Windows 10 build.

I’m used to more generic drives I never give a second thought to. We will not be running tests and posting graphs. We just want a reliable drive that works with a range of burning applications for CD audio and DVD video.

Is this overkill? Are we better off with something more generic, such as:




Judging by the model name that ends in ‘F,’ I’ll venture a guess that it’s likely based on the LiteOn iHASx24 F series found here.

I’m not savvy enough to decode all that. Sorry. I’m reliant on the expertise of experts.

The Samsung SH-224FB is a good drive, and as long as you use good quality discs it should meet your needs fine. The Plextor may also be good, but it’s so new that no testing has been done here yet. If you want to play it safe, go with the Samsung.

Thank you!

This drive uses a Mediatek MT1862N chipset.

I guess all the current production DVD drives are Mediatek bases…