PX-891SAF PLUS vs EAC (big problems)

Hello all,

I just bought a Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS for its advanced audio CD duplication capabilities, but I’m facing very big problems using it in conjunction with Exact Audio Copy.

In the digital audio extraction compartment, I have worst performances than a (very) cheaper iHDS118. The new Plextor cannot read without errors tracks that the LiteOn reads without any issue. And the same behaviour is seen with dBpoweramp.

In the burning compartment, with any media brand I tried, I got the following error: “Write Blocks : Logical unit not ready, long write in progress”.

The PX-891SAF PLUS firmware is up to date (1.KC). EAC version is 1.3.

In your experience, i this unit really that bad? Should I return it? Or does anyone have any other suggestion?

Thank you, regards,

did you ever get it figured out? i’m having the same problem i thought it was the discs but my asus blu-ray drive has no problems reading them. and i’m on the latest firmware. it’s pretty annoying being this is suppose to be “audiophile” quality.

i’m open to suggestions