Does anyone know what is the latest firmware available for the above drive? I can’t find any firmware on Plextor’s website or elsewhere. Can anyone help?

PX-891SA Firmware

That would be firmware 1.06: PX-891SA_1.06_20121107.zip (1.5 MB)


Has anyone tried to cross-flash the PX-891SA to an iHAS124 C?


cvs, can you give a new link for PX-891SA 1.06 firmware please ?
Link go to an error page :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:


Strange, I have uploaded it on MyCE precisely in order to avoid a dead link… so not sure what happened there… anyway here’s a new link: PX-891SA_1.06_20121107.zip (2.2 MB)


This link work !

Thank you for all :slight_smile: