PX 880Sa , what chipset?

Hi all,
anybody know the chipset of this drive?

I have open my iHAS424-32 and it have a Nec Chipset:


I have opened my PX760A and it have a BIG (big if compared with liteon chipset) sanyo chipset (the 90% of this drive is chipset :bigsmile: ):

But i don’t have opened the PX880SA for to see effectively with extreme secure what chipsed is included in.

If anybody have opened the 880SA , and want to said me what chipset have got , should be great.



I have found this:

In this site, they said that the PX880SA have got a Mediatek Chipset,
and i hope so.

If anybody that have opened, want to confirm this, should be great again.

Thanks in advance.

According to the pictures on cdbest.net (on page 2 of the review) it uses a Mediatek 1879E:


If you check against the iHAS324 link, it as the same MTK 1879E chipset, thus, it’s a LO clone.

Asia version 880SA is a iHAS324 A clone which doesn’t support LightSribe feature and other versions 880SA is a iHAS424 A clone.