PX-850A only works with TO2-0

this burner has 1.08 firmware, latest I could find. Place a Yuden disc in machine and works fine, busy lite comes on for a few seconds and image burn reports a blank ready to burn. Place any other disc and busy lite stays on for over 10 seconds and it reports as rewritable when its not. formatting produces a coaster. Any other discs include the following: TDK(Ritek F16-01), Philips(CMC MAG M01), Verbatim(MCC 004), Sony D21, Verbatim(CMC MAG M01). :confused:

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How long have you had the drive? Do you use it frequently?

thanks for reply
drive is about 3 yrs old and used every week. other burner is older optiarc still working fine

Maybe the drive is simply dirty. If you find it worth your while: With a screwdriver, some cotton swabs (q-tips), and a tiny bit of rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, you can check to see if this is truly the problem.

Should you go this route, be sure to be gentle in your disassembly and your cleaning, and ensure the optics are fully dried & lint/dust/debris free before reassembling the drive.

ill have to check that out. the yuden discs that ive burnt seem ok. low errors etc like you would expect from that brand. working on recapping and refoaming some vintage speakers now.

Ok finally got back to deal with this. Disassembled and cleaned per instructions. Did not find any dust or film inside drive.No change of symptoms. All yuden blanks work perfectly. Any other disc will spin for long time and then report as a rewritable. the disc id and book type reports correctly. This burner has expensive tastes.

I have the identical drive and it’s working fine across TYs, Falcon 8x and 16x, and those Philips, but “has expensive taste” may be correct. I wonder if your drive’s symptom’s aren’t a signal of ‘old age’ or something? (I never know how or why a Drive ‘dies’ if it’s not obviously mechanical or the power circuitry gets blown.)

But we did opt for “expensive tastes” because we simply didn’t like the notion that the cheaper blanks might not last for more than a few years, and Falcons and TYs addressed that concern for us adequately. Of course, in 10 years or more, that’s when the ultimate answer is delivered.

If you’re looking for any replacements or back-ups, good luck. SAITECH and Amazon sometime have Plextors, sometime in “New Retail” but now in the $50-120 range. Since I’m planning on keeping a few computers with IDE burners, it seemed wise to pick up a spare.

Should it come to it, you could try to find an exact replacement. Or you can dig for the equivalent LiteOn iHAP322. Or get a different PATA drive. Or an SATA drive, if you so desire. It does simply sound like the drive is physically malfunctioning.

Id say its on its way out

“Get another PATA drive” reminds me…

We did get a handful of PIONEER A-118s and have unpleasant results from 3 (almost half) of them. If a disk is mis-set on the tray and the tray is sucked in (by the slightest jarring), the Pioneer will grab a mis-set disk and spin it out of control and ‘explode it’ inside the drive, shattering it into hundreds of shards. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

When it happened the first time, we were all rather disbelieving - “just one of those things.”

When the second unit did it, and then the third, we knew we should consider the A-118s with the greatest of concerns. The Burned Products, and Reads, are just fine. But these Pioneer 118s seem to display that awful self-closure ability (a cloud passes before the sun and that drive will slam itself shut, apparently) AND then the ability to grab a mis-fed disk and STILL spin it. I’ve never seen any drive do that before - usually if a disk is mis-set on the tray, other Pioneers, LiteOns, Plextors and Sonys will pop the tray back out.

IF these 118s were my only choice, then I’d probably buy another one but I’d remember to be incredibly careful about setting disks on its tray especially if the tray has demonstrated a slamming self-closure behavior.

The other question for our hardware experts might be, “Explain the death of the laser itself”.

Do you think the laser’s bulb electronics diminish and fade?

Do its powering components fail?

Is there an issue of misalignment of the laser-beam itself?

Or all of the above? Since all of these have some gaussian effects and/or dependence on mechanicals, all seem possible ‘death rattles’. But all of my experience with dead drives has been “unit power components” or “tray feed mechanics”.

Some of it is down to the amount of power cycles the drives do like hdds

another question I have is where on the disc is the ID info. This drive seems to have trouble reading that section

That information is help near the center of the disc, on the innermost data tracks.

Does it have trouble reading that information for already written discs?

Don’t know, only use it to burn. Have to use the optiarc to scan and it shows a good burn! The Plextor will not allow a quality scan.

If I replace this drive Im considering a new SATA , such as liteon 124 in combo with a SATA to IDE converter. Anybody have experience or opinon on that