PX-810SA, don`t buy it!

Just bought this one here in Denmark.
I thought Plextor was a no.1 brand
I`m not pleased with this drive.

  1. It`s very noisy

  2. No plextools ( why ?? ) :a

ivol !

It is not REAL plextor. Whith the 800er series Plextor stopped the production of own optical DVD burners.

The newer real plextor drives are: PX-716, 755 and 760. But it is very hard to find this three drives today in shops.

In spring 2007 plextor announced to stop the own production of DVD burners.

Se this posting about the PX-810: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=217887

Well its sipmple…if you would have done some research you would have known that the 810 is not a real Plextor drive so no Plextools. Rumors are that it is in fact a Pioneer 212 drive. The Pioneer is a very good drive though and i would recommend it to anyone searching for a new drive. The last real Plextor was the px-760.

Okay, if its a Pioneer, this drive costs twice as much as the pioneer, boy I
feel cheated :a
ivol !

I assume you got the Plextor support and the fast warranty though?
You could try to return it of course…

Really? Any link to such a rumor, maybe? :wink:

I agree with kg evilboy
return it :iagree:

ivol - you should have done some homework before making the purchase… Return it/RMA it… And then go pick up a Pioneer DVR-212 for a fraction of the cost. It is a pretty good drive… and I too have read rumors about the PX-810SA being a Pioneer 212 (Sorry chef, too tired to google for links tonight).

I have the Pioneer 212D (US Version) combined with a Plextor PX-755SA and an LG GSA-H62N. I think the Pioneer is pretty darn quiet. I had some problems with my first 212, but an RMA fixed it and I have regained confidence in it. Save yourself some cash and get it.

Maybe you meant the posts from Videohelp and Cdrlabs forums?! :smiley:

Official photos beat rumors every time.

That looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Sure, but I won’t judge before I have seen it inside…