PX-760SA, TLA is #0103

Today I’ve received PX-760SA from Plextor. TLA is #0103.

Plextor seems to be pretty sluggish in making available new firmware to their webpage recently. Let’s hope they speed up.

Hope this new FW will then be for 755 and 760! :smiley:

Hmm…Does this TLA version solve the thermal problem of this drive?

What thermal problem?

My friend has got some TLA #0000 PX760A. But all of them were getting too hot when burning discs even in 4x. Two of them died.

No “thermal” problem with my 760…

That doesn’t sound like a frimware problem. Maybe install a case fan instead?

…TLA is not firmware

True (for the [B]TLA01[/B] part :wink: ). However, looks like you are the only one mentioning the problem, so there is a good chance that it’s not a drive design problem, but something wrong in your friend’s setup…

Personally, I’ve burned 4 or 5 DVDs in a row with my 760 and didn’t notice that… I’d follow Arrow’s suggestion and check for some airflow problem. :iagree:

Regards, :slight_smile:


Hmm…his drives are Plextor samples, maybe the problem is limited to the sample product.

Sleep now. Cya:)

Oh well, if he has Plextor samples probably he’ll be able to get informations directly from Plextor about that. :wink: BTW, Plextor samples (I mean pre-production units) tipically do [B]not[/B] have [B]TLA00xx[/B] numbers.


no thermal problem here either
everything cool and quiet :cool:

Does anyone know how hard it would be to order one of these from Japan and have it sent to the US?

  • Tim

Tbessie, your best bet would be to go through someone like www.celga.com and get one off of Yahoo Japan Auctions. It’s going to be expensive though.