PX-760SA Problem & Solution SIL3114

Repeating myself here but thought it better to put it in its own thread

Having just bought a 760SA today i had problems with it initially.

i have a kn8-e deluxe mobo which is nforce 3 / sil 3114

my problem was when burning i would always get verification errors

the 760SA was originally plugged into the sil 3114 sata controller ports

when swapped over to the nforce sata contoller ports the verification errors stopped

they were genuine write errors btw as i checked the cd against the image with beyond compare

i hope this helps someone out as there isnt much information out there on the 760SA

ps the plextor site states both controllers on this mobo should work. wonder if they actually tried it

It is strange that you had problems with the SiI 3114 controller. I had my Plextor SATA drives connected to a PCI card with the SiI 3112 chipset (same as yours, just two less ports) and had no issues at all. Was it set to RAID mode?

no set to normal sata mode