PX-760SA new but bad performance

I received my px-760sa just a few days ago. I get really bad performance. Burn speed (DVD) never exceeds 0.5X. Read speed is somewhat better at 2.5x.

I’ve been looking for a list of compatible motherboards, but mine (Asus A8V Deluxe with K8T800 chipset) is not present. I’m using the latest Promise SATA378 Raid Controller from 2003. I’m using Verbatim media and Traxdata. I’ve read another post with the same problems, but using an earlier firmware hasn’t helped me. Neither has the “trick” with holding the eject button for 5 secs changed anything.

Also, while performing the read test using Plextools, the CPU usage is 100% constantly. Weird.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Tadidas and welcome to CDFreaks.:slight_smile: </SCRIPT>I just did a quick google on your mobo and I don’t believe that promise controllers are compatible with optical drives. Have you tried your Via VT8237 south bridge Serial ATA 150 with RAID 0,1 support controller?( In IDE Mode) if not you should check the Plextor Serial-ATA (SATA) Compability List and invest in a compatible PCI S ATA controller. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes, I have tried the via controller too (ide mode), but then it won’t find neither the DVD nor the HDD, just an error message. You’re probably right (and the vendors who sold it wrong :a). I’ll have to look for a PCI sata-controller instead.

Look for a non-RAID card based on Silicon Image 3112 chipset.

I’m not very familiar with S-ata controllers. Could anyone recommend a good one that works well with my burner? :cool:

I’m starting to regret I bought this thing. :sad:

Update: I did buy a SATA controller with 3112 chipset and it works fine now. Only problem is that Plextools is not able to find the drive anymore, but that’s a minor problem. It works fine with Nero. Thanks for your help. :clap:

That’s odd, Plextools sees my 755SA and 760SA when connected to my Syba PCI SATA card using the same chipset.

Actually, after some more testing I have to conclude that it still doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. Burning a Verbatim @ 16X takes more than 20 minutes. CPU usage is still too high. Haven’t tried to burn CD yet. The buffer jumps up’n down constantly. At lead in, it takes about 5 minutes before starting with the burn. I’d like to try an earlier firmware, but it won’t allow me to downgrade; I just get an error message when trying:
"Firmware update is failed. Firmware data error (Code 04-40-f5).


I have the exact same problem as Tadidas is describing with my px-760sa. When i try to write a dvd at 12x speed it takes aprox 50 minutes. Also, i noticed sound stuttering during the write (and read!!) process while listening to mp3.

I checked the system resourches and the cpu is at 100% usage, but the interrups are what generates this value not the application. check out the picture: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h18/gtamas/cpu-usage-interrupts.jpg

The dvd-r is verbatim, (taiyo yuden) and already used 40 of the 50 pack without any error or problem with a different burner. Firmware is 1.04. Can’t downgrade either. My motherboard is an MSI K8N SLI Platinum.

Any ideas?

SATA support for ATAPI devices is problematic, particularly on older motherboards.

I’m telling everyone who asks me to stick with PATA optical drives for now.

This mobo is like 4 months old…

I don’t see nVidia nForce 4 on the Plextor compatibility list. You might wan’t to try a different S ATA port and if that doesn’t help see post # 2 and 4 of this thread. :slight_smile: