PX-760SA and problem with Windows 2000

Apparently there is a problem with the PX-760SA and Windows 2000:


Can some native speaker translate this, because the mechanical translation doesn’t make much sense (except for they recommend using XP SP2):

“With Windows2000 below you guide serial ATA built-in type DVD±R/±RW drive PX-760SA/JP concerning operation. When this product is operated with the environment of Windows2000, at full speed increases is. At that time, with environment after Windows XP SP2 utilization that it can receive, we ask.”

My Japanese is a little rusty, but I’ll give it a shot:

“Don’t buy SATA optical drives if you can possibly avoid it.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I can translate a little…

本製品をWindows2000ã®ç’°å¢ƒã§å‹•ä½œã•ã›ãŸå ´åˆã€æœ€é«˜é€Ÿåº¦ãŒã§ã¾ã›ã‚“ã€‚
When using this product on Windows 2000 it may not be able to reach the highest speed (Maybe the 18x writing speed, I think. But it didn’t say).

その際は、Windows XP SP2以降の環境でご利用いただけますようお願い申し上げます。
At that time we recommended you to use Windows XP SP2 or later version instead.

Thats if you have problems with hat type of thing.

I am trying to rid my machine of IDE and the 760SA looks like a good option to replace my great 716SA. My dad had Movie play back options on his 716A and had to put a SA.

The trick is being smart about it. I always sugges trying out mine before purchaisng their own, and once I get a 760sa I will have the 716sa sitting around for people to borrow.

That being said While I always considered ME to just be 98SE with a couple of features added, Windows 2000 SP4 is for al intents and purposes WindowsXP SP2. Why would either operating system have an affect on the write speed of an optical drive.