PX-760A, Windows 7, ImgBurn, TYG03

I really hate for my first post to be a question, but I have searched the forums and couldn’t find anything this specific asked/answered.

Summary of Questions:
ImgBurn reports odd recording speeds
Can’t find where DMA settings are in Windows 7 (it’s probably enabled)
Strange burn quality results, given the speed
Strange autostategy behavior

Question Details:
I have a stack of TYG03 DVD-R’s (GH******) and I’m burning images to them on Windows 7 x64 with a PX760A (ICH7 and 975X SB/NB) and I’m noticing some oddities. I always used to use Nero, but I got sick of the bloatware it has become and am now using ImgBurn. ImgBurn reports (when selecting x16 speed [The media is rated for 16x]) that the burn speed starts out around 3-4x, quickly increases to ~6x, then slowly increases up to somewhere around ~10x by the time the disc finishes burning. I had always thought burning at 16x mean’t the entire disc gets written at 16x, if that isn’t true, then at least the fastest spinning portions should achieve 16x?

Second question, If this is attributed to a DMA problem, where can DMA settings in Windows 7 be found, and why am I able to attain such speeds with PIO only?

Third question, when I selected 16x speeds, I did a burn quality check and the beta/jitter values were pretty bad (beta especially varied a lot) and the PIE scores were, while not horrible (averaging 4-5, with quite a few spikes to 10 and up to 20 at the edges), they were not comparable to many of the scores of TY media I’ve seen here. When I lowered the speed to 8x, the beta improved dramatically (very straight, minor deviations), jitter lowered to constantly below -0.4, and PIE lowered to an average of 3-4 with a few spikes to 7-8 and one to 16, yet, the burn speed was almost identical according to ImgBurn, it just never passed 8x. This makes no sense to me since the beginning part of the disc, where it burned the slowest at both speeds, improved as well as the rest of the disc.

Final question, when trying to improve the autostrategy, I deleted the 16x rating that had been created when I did my first burn at 16x, and created one manually in Plextools. I got no option to select the speed, and it defaulted to 6x. It might influence question #3 in that I did that burn after the 6x entry, but it burned at a faster speed anyway?

All in all I’m left quite confused and hoping someone here can help? :slight_smile:

Well I hunted around a little more and found the DMA settings, same place as it was in XP and Vista, I guess I missed it the first time around it.

DMA is enabled.

Edit: Ok, seems like what I was remembering as the maximum write speed was the average, it did in fact reach 16x. Still leaves the question of why the improved burn quality in the areas of the disc before reaching speeds above 8x and why did autostrategy select 6x for the TYG03 media. At this rate I’ll have figured that out on my own soon eough. :slight_smile:

If you download DVDInfoPro, you can create a write graph from ImgBurn. TYG03 really isn’t all that great, at least not the regular grade. The Triple-Coat TYG03 gives lower PIE and PIF in my experience when burning at full speed. If you want to create a new strategy for TYG03, delete the entries you have in Plextools and set AS to Auto, then burn normally with ImgBurn and the drive should create a new entry.