PX 760a will not play DVD

I’ve had my 760a for a few days now and was very impressed with the writing quality to DVD-R. Then I cam across a problem, the read speed for DVD-Video appeared to be locked at 2 x speed. Having installed Plextools XL I used this to try and select the higher speeds but it kept reverting to 2x when I rebooted my system. The CD Freaks review DEFINITELY says DVD-VIDEO can be read by this drive up to 10x

Now the drive WILL NOT recognise DVD-VIDEO at all - only CD-ROM discs bott properly. I have tried everything - new FW (v1.01) uninstalling all the Plext tools software and reinstalling with latest versions etc.

VERY annooying. Any ideas? If not the drive goes back today. I am fed up with wasting my time with drives that don’t work like this

The drive has silent mode enabled as default for reading DVD-Video disks. You can turn this off in plextools but a quicker way is to hold down the eject button for 3 or so seconds, some lights will blink, release the button, and the tray will come out. The drive will now read @ max speed. You can also turn silent mode back on by repeating this.

Alas the problem is worse than just reading speed. It now does not even recognise DVD-Video discs with auto prompt on or off. The Plextools DVD drive speed box is completely greyed out with no actual setting showing (it used to be greyed out but with the default 2x speed showing).

Anyone think this is anyting other than a broken drive?

BTW - I have read about the nvidia ide driver problems with Plextor and have taken the advice of going back to standard MS IDE drivers - still the same problem

Does the drive accept and read DVD-Data (ROM or burned) discs?

No problem with my 760…

It reads burned DVD-R and CD-ROM but not pressed DVD-VIdeo. Plextor just replied to my emailed log file saying that they think the drive is faulty so I am going to RMA back to my retailer. This was after I removed the nVidia IDE drivers (which it worked happily with for a couple of days producing some very good DVD-R burns :doh: ).

VERY disappointing for what is supposed to be the ULTIMATE drive on the market today. I’ll give Plextor one more try but this next one better bloody well work without a glitch or I go elsewhere - permanently! :a

Hi. I have exactly the same problem with my new PX-755A. The drive just will not read any pressed DVD Movie disks (DVD-VIDEO). Windows explorer just hangs when it tries to read the disk and any DVD player software just reports no disk in the drive. All other form of DVD disk (DVD-/+R) and CD disks are read ok and the drive burns ok.

I have tried all the remedies you have tried and even swapped back to FW 1.01 from 1.02 but still no joy.

I now suspect a faulty drive and am awaiting a reply from Plextor (Europe) after filling in their online RMA request form. I’ll update this post with Plextor’s answer in case other people have this problem with a new drive.

Looks like I am not the only one - symptoms identical to yours.

How long have you had the drive? Mine was about 2 days old when it developed this fault. I bought the drive from an on-line source which originally directed me back to Plextor which did not exactly wow me with their service. I went back to the retailer and demanded a refund / replacement on standard UK consumer law terms! I would go for the latter if I was you.

I now have a replacement drive which I am going to test today - it had better perform perfectly or else Plextor will not be getting further customer from me.

Hi Maniac.

My drive was also purchased from an online source (retail version - not OEM) and failed to read movie disks straight out of the box - it was the first thing I tried to do with it. As the paperwork in the box said the drive was gauranteed by Plextor for 2 yrs I went to the Plextor website and completed their RMA Request Form.

I got a reply with an RMA number the next day with instructions how to phone their DHL courier who came to my door and collected the drive at no cost to me.

The next day I got an e-mail saying my replacement drive has been shipped next day delivery. (should be here tomorrow (Monday)

Assuming all things being equal and the new drive works OK then I’m more than happy and cannot fault the service from Plextor. I wish all retailers were that good about faulty kit. I’ll post the result with the new drive out of interest.

How was your new drive - did it work OK?

The drive arrived as promised and works perfectly now. I noticed from the serial numbers that I got back the same drive that I sent so it wasn’t a replacement. However, as it works ok I don’t mind, but the papaerwork that came with the drive gave no indication of what was repaired. A pity as I wanted to know what was wrong.

Same issue with 755A-SATA as well. I bought it at Best Buy and exchanged it twice, still same problem. And im running on Asus motherboard with Intel 955 chipset. Perhaps a new firmware will fix this or is this hardware problem?

I cannot believe that all this posted issues have none of you made think about that the reason for all this is crapped up drivers/software…
It is, IMHO.


My Sony 820U runs fine, so is px712, px740, but not the px755. So how is it software/driver issue??

And no, i dont have a Dell, or HP, or any other mass-produced and over priced heap of junk.

Thus it is clear that Plextor efed it up this time, once again, by rushing things to get bragging rights once again for having fastest drive.

Way to go, buddy. :rolleyes: