PX-760A vs. Sony DRU-830A - Who Wins?



PX-760A vs. Sony DRU-830A - Who Wins?
Sony has an 18x burner that is supposed to supersede the plextor. Is this true? The Sony does do DVD-RAM which is a nice feature. And apparently
has fewer errors on 18x burns than the plextor.
Does this make the SONY the hands down winner? :bow:

Which one would you buy today?
And is this DVD-RAM feature the wave of writers in the future?? :iagree:


The Sony DRU-830A is a Samsung.
All major makers except for Plextor and now-gone BenQ have added DVD-RAM to their mainstream models… (Yes, I know that BenQ had the DW1670 and DQ60, but it was not a mainstream Philips-chipset model.)

If you like playing with settings, the PX-760A is your friend (Autostrategy, GigaRec, advanced scanning…). If you want to spend less money and yet get good quality burns, you should go for the Samsung instead.


In my own informal tests, using CD Speed 4.70 to create a test DVD and using the following media - Memorex MBIPG101 R04 DVD+R & Verbatim - MCC003 DVD+R both burned at 8x. I also tested a Verbatim MKM 001 DVD+R DL burned at 2.4x on the Sony and 6x on the Plextor. I tested the Sony twice with the DVD+R DL since the quality was not that good, however both times the burn was not even close to the Plextor. I used this media since this was what my company had purchased. I was testing for my workplace since they wanted to purchase an external drive. I tested the Sony 830 external, the CompUSA external drive WITHOUT DVD-RAM or Litescribe and the Norwood Micro external drive. Both the CompUSA and the Norwood were almost identical, case wise & drive wise, except the CompUSA model had a newer firmware and seemed to burn better. I burned the 3 media types in each drive and checked all the burns in the Plextor drive. All media burned best on the Plextor. The firmware that I used were the latest available at that time - Nov. 2006. All drives were connected to the same PC using USB 2.0 and external cases and Windows XP w/SP2 with all current updates. The Plextor drive, which is mine personally, is installed into a Plumax PM-525-PCB external case. The company wound up purchasing the CompUSA external drive. I would also like to have tested the Sony 820 drive but couldn’t find it locally at that time.


The one-eyed under the blind man. :slight_smile: (german saying)

At lower speeds maybe the Plextor, at higher speed possibly the Sony.

For seriously burning with 18x I would buy none of them, and prefer the LGs H22 or H42. Personally I use a LiteOn LH18 and I`m very happy with that. Burns, reads and scans perfect, but I’m lucky to got a good one.


Since I will be using Verbatims MC 004 disks to burn with Autostrategy isin’t really necessary or useful even with the Plextor. If the Sony burns with less errors at high speed – isn’t that everything a person could want. If the Sony is just a drive that will burn out in a month then there’s the caveat.


Oh yes one more thing. DVD-RAM I am not sure if I fully understand it.
Isn’t this a packet writing method. and does n’t the use of Nero INCD allow any drive to function like a DVD RAM drive where data can be recorded a nd erased on a CD like it was a floppy. Why if this can be don e in CD’s with INCD can’t INCD also allow this method on DVD without the use of a special DVD RAM disk?