PX-760A vs. PX-716A vs. neither?

I’ve been eyeballing Plextor for a while, and the price has always put me off. Now, though, it seems that this is close to my last opportunity to get a true Plextor drive.

First of all, I’ve already got an LG GSA-H42N and a LiteOn LH-20A1H; would either Plextor be worth buying? I’m really intrigued by all of the unique features of the Plextor drives.

So, I’ve got a few questions. I know that Plextor drives have the advantage of PO scanning over my LiteOn. As for PI scanning, my LiteOn can only achieve a 1.22ECC scanning interval. Can either Plextor drive achieve true 1ECC summing?

The AutoStrategy function looks interesting as well. I know that the PX-716A can only choose between Auto Selection and Off. I’d like to be able to sacrifice a couple of discs for the sake of full write strategy creation. The PX-760A can, but can the PX-716A? How does PowerRec co-mingle with AutoStrategy? How does AutoStrategy compare to HyperTuning? Is PowerRec comparable to Online HyperTuning?

Since the PX-716A is not only older, less flexible and slower but $50 more expensive, the only reason I’m considering it lies in its 8MB buffer. With BURNproof, just how important is that 8MB buffer compared to the 2MB one?

Based on their capabilities and quality alone, which drive would you pick?

For reference, the MID’s that I normally use are YUDEN000 T02, TYG02, MCC 004, MCC 03RG20, MAXELL 002, MKM 003, and SONY16D1, in that order. I rarely burn RITEKF1, RITEKD01, CMC MAG. AM3 and SONY D21. Which MID’s work best with Plextor?

Thanks! :smiley:

I’d go with the 760A; there really is no advantage of getting a 716A at this point unless you’re a Plextor collector (like me :stuck_out_tongue: ) AutoStrategy is very limited on the 716A and the 760A is overall a better burner at higher speeds like 12x and 16x.

If you want to do this you need to hurry. Plextor Europe, for example, is out of stock for the PX-760. Only dealer stock remains.

It’s always a good idea to have at least two drives of different make so they can complement each other and cancel out their weaknesses. I’m currently using a LH18a1p beside my Plextor drives. I’m currently eyeing the Pioneer 112 as a possible third drive.

I’ve never seen anyone investigating this for it’s truth but i’ve no reason not to believe it’s true 1ECC.

The 716 can only apply AS to [U]unknown[/U] discs. You have no choice in applying it to your wishes. The 755/760 allows total control of AS.

With the 755/760 AS can operate ‘on the go’ while burning and there is no need to sacrifice a disc. However you have to option to do so.

PoweRec is about adjusting the laser power and speed control. AS is about the basic handling of the dye.

Ah, yes. The wonders of LiteOn communication concerning their technology :slight_smile: ‘Hypertuning’ offers similar functionality but a lot less control over it compared to AS. Smartburn = PoweRec. Smartwrite = AS. Hypertuning=Smartwrite?

8MB buffer was introduced because some of the functions (GigaRec for example) Plextor drives offer do not allow the use of Burnproof. However with modern fast computers and HDDs buffer underrun has become a lot less problematic and 2MB buffer haven’t been limiting for me in cases where applicable.

I’d recommend the newer model, unless you come up with a very specific need for the older model.

I’ve made very good experiences with Yuden, Verbatim and Sony. Other MIDs work pretty good to but you’ll probably see a fluctuation in quality depending on the quality of the batch. Look at my results in the PX-760 review sticky.

Wow, I didn’t realize that they’d already ceased production; I thought it was only a statement that they wouldn’t be developing/releasing future models. I see 3/5 of the Plextors on NewEgg are out of stock already. Luckily, the PX-760A & PX-716A are still available.

You’ve sold me on the PX-760A. I just placed an order for one. $105 after shipping. :smiley: