PX-760A/T3KB on Stores in Portugal

Well to my suprise, i found this store, not far from my home, selling the 760 :cool:


Is there any chance that Plextor already made all “Tests”?

If so it`s a good notice! :flower:

Damm! I shouldn`t buy the Benq… :bigsmile:


P.S.- Didn`t find nothing on Plextor Site… :rolleyes:

Having something in a catalogue does not necessarily mean they’re actually selling it. Just read the text below the product description. It says “delayed”.


I call right at this momento to the store.

They are waiting 50 units, next 17.01.2006.

Guess Plextor, will decide this month, sell this product…

Sorry everbody! Should be more carefull on the posts… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t it scheduled for february?

More precisely the announcement on when the drive was to be released was scheduled for mid february.

Given that LG just has announced 12x RAM, knock on wood for the changes in the 760 …

  • 10 +r dl on lg :wink: