PX-760A stoped recognizing dvd media but reads cd's

Has anyone else had any problems with thier 760A not reading DVD’s,
but reading cd’s. This seems to be a common problem of plextor drives.
First my 708A and then the same thing happend to the 716A.
My RMA’D drive was TLA:0001
My new drive I recieved today (excellent service)
It’s TLA:0103 August 2006. I left a note in the box to please send me the latest hardware revision.

About to put it in now, was just wondering if any others had this problem with thier 760A’s?
Now I have to just decide which drive to pull to put the plex back in, the H12L or H182D.

I’ve had that happen to three 716 generation drives, but none of my 755 or 760 drives so far.

Not uncommon. The drive has two lasers. You can lose one and have the other still work fine. Best way to test is to run self diagnostic before you call Tech Support.

Thing is I remember plex tech support requiring to do the self test with my old plextors, But this one I told them straight out what it was doing and they gave an RMA right away, so it must be an issue they know of.

BTW: I only burned maybe 10-12 disks before the problem started.

I’m having the problem in reverse with my PX-708UF. It won’t recognize CDs but has no problems with DVDs.

How common of a problem is this? Is this a Plextor only problem or is this common with other manufacturers?

if your drive is not anymore under warranty you cant try to open the drive so you can remove the dust with dry air aerosol an clean the lens(es) with tips and alcohol.

it can work…and it can not work
but it worth the try isn’t it ?