PX 760A & PlexTools

A general Question. I have a Samsung TSST SH-182M, and a Plextor 760A DVD burner. So far everything works ok without the PlexTools. I’m the kind of person that when I turn something on, I want to see it work, or start smoking!! I have a good general knowledge of the pc, and the contents of DVD files. I am lacking in the DVD settings I read about on this site using PlexTools. That is all those doodly graphs, read this, write that, speed this, diagnose that type of stuff. I set up DVD fab Plat, as well as the Rip-it-4Me suite of programs (decryptor-shrink-fix vts- and imageburn) by reading recommended settings on this site. Is there really any benefit, and do I need the PlexTools even though both drives work ok? I have Nero 7 that I use for data and music cd creation, and leave the rest of the Nero junk alone as It has never burned a DVD without some kind of error, but the other programs work fine without the PlexTools. WIN XP-Pro MCE 2005–AMD 64 X-2–2048mb RAM–2-HDs on SATA, both DVD drives are master on IDE with Plextor on second IDE, and 40 gb partition just for working on video files. Your openions would be appreciated, maybe there’s something missing since the PX 760A seems to be so high rated. Thanks, Steve

Heyyo PlexTools is for tweaking/testing burns. If your not into tweaking/testing a burn then don’t use it. Later down the line if you feel like tweaking/testing some burns a bit then load it up. :slight_smile:

It’s for CD’s and DVD’s

Hey thanks, I wouldn’t know how to really tweak these settings and would probably really mess things up if I did. I am assuming that my other burning programs for DVD and Audio or DATA cd controll this Plextor drive fine, such as default settings within the program itself. Steve