PX-760A: Mystery firmware 6c04 08/09/06




Can anybody identify this Plextor PX-760A unit? It’s probably been pulled from a Dell unit or similar, the faceplate is blank/no markings black. Googled, no hits on this firmware version. Peculiarly, it hooks up as UDMA3, which I’ve never seen before, even though Plextools Pro XL 3.16 (and Opti Drive Control 1.50?) report it as UDMA4-capable)

I’m going to flash it to some verion os the regular PX-760A firmware, but before I did that I wanted to identify if I could whether there were any special features on this unit that I might be giving up by reflashing the firmware.
Thanks in advance for any light you can throw on this unit.

– Roy Zider

PlexTools Professional XL V3.16     Drive Information
Copyright(C) 1999-2007 Plextor SA/NV
Tuesday, November 08, 2011
Drive Information
ID 2: PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-760A   V6c04 (S/N:324261) Jumpers: 001
Drive Model: PX-760A
General Information
Audio Read Offset : 0 bytes
Audio Write Offset: 0 bytes
Interface: ATAPI (PIO Mode 0-4, MultiWord DMA Mode 0-2, Ultra DMA Mode 0-4)
Access Time:   CD:<100mSec   DVD:<150mSec
Current Firmware: V6c04   08/09/06
Latest Firmware : V1.00


I cannot say for sure but it is most likely a specialised firmware for use in duplication towers and the like. You can find those on the support pages of the manufacturer. For example:

If so, special features would for example include synchronized writing to multiple drives and tray management for automated (un-)loading of media. Not something you’d miss (or even use) outside a duplication tower.


Still working on this one. Have not flashed it out yet.

  1. Interface at UDMA3. in a UDMA4 socket. Never seen that before.

2, Nero DiscSpeed fails on Disc Quality test, as with PX-760A 1.07 – ‘error initializing test’

  1. DVDInfotool 6.130 allows PIPO test to start (rejected PX-760A 1.07 device), but stalled at 0% complete

  2. Opti Drive Control 1.51 runs Disc qualtity test (would not run on PX-760A 1.07)

So who knows what’s up with this. I’ll probably leave it as it is, just for purposes of genetic diversity.

– Roy Zider

  1. CD-DVD Speed / DiscSpeed don’t support scanning with any ‘real’ (Sanyo-based) Plextor drives.

  2. Later Plextor drives (PX-755, 760 & Premium-2) have firmware which prevents 3rd party software from accessing certain drive features, including Q-Check (here). So to use Opti Drive Control, PxScan etc. you have to use modified firmware (available from here or here).

[U]The usual warnings about using unofficial firmware apply[/U]. But I’ve been using it on my PX-755UF for a couple of years without any problems. PlexTools still works (BTW the final version PlexTools XL is available free of charge from Plextor’s web site).


^Damn this tiny laptop screen. You are of course already using PlexTools Pro XL. :o:o



Good stuff – thanks for the links. I will check them out. I’ve seen references to firmware mods, but the only one I’ve downloaded so far is the one that cross-flashes the PX-740A to a BenQ DW1640 (?).

Question: what are you using to read/capture current firmware in the event I want to restore the original firmware?

– Roy


Try pxfw (part of QPxTool). I think it has a read EEPROM option.


[QUOTE=Ibex;2613622]Try pxfw (part of QPxTool). I think it has a read EEPROM option.[/QUOTE]

Noted-- thanks.


Hi :slight_smile:
I have a strange FW too, ver [B]6.03[/B]
here it is:


[QUOTE=Ibex;2613622]Try pxfw (part of QPxTool). I think it has a read EEPROM option.[/QUOTE]
oh nice, found it!

but I can’t backup the EEPROM, I put this command:
[I]pxfw -d [B]E:[/B] -oe filenameIput.bin[/I]

(my [I]px-760a[/I] is [B]E:[/B])

well, [I]pxfw[/I] look like recognize correctly the plextor but the EEPROM backup don’t compare anywhere… something don’t work.
my fault? I have Win7 x64 (used CMD with administrator privileges)

how can I backup the EPPROM? and how to backup the FW? (is not that easy like the liteon drives :doh: )
first I want make preventive backups before flashing.
anyone know how to? :confused: