PX-760A loud noise

anyone who has a PX-760A !!when closing the tray there is a loud KLACK you
can hear! is that normal ?The KLACK is louder when No disc is in the tray!!

Hi :slight_smile:
This is certainly not normal. I’ve no such problem with my drive. It looks like a problem with the tray seating/alignment. Return drive before it screws up your discs &/or the drive anymore.

I’ve a louder noise also regarding the tray but i’ve also recognized when i close the tray it’s very fast. Anyway no problems with the drive.

I don’t have any clonk or noise problems with my 755A. But my PX-130 sometimes makes that closing sledge clonk sound, when it closes. Just one big clonk. But its not very often it happends. In fact it has only happend a few times (with a CD or DVD in the drive closing!).

Could these problems be releated, bad manufacturing quality or? As my PX-130 normally works perfectly, and is very cheap, I don’t think I’m gonna report it faulty by Plextor. Just wanted to share my problems :slight_smile:


That reminds me of the times with the 4824 tray that closed with a CLONK and then you had to push the button at least three times until the thing would open when no disc is inserted.

my tray opens and closes slow and is silent I would contact plextor and get it repaired or checked out you can control the speed of the tray in plextools