PX-760A Clack!

:confused: everytime I try to record a DL the 760 does different errors, like Power Calibration Error, Disk Seek, Spindle bablablabā€¦ besides that nasty spinning AND clack! sequence while trying to write lead in. Thing is, on single layered DVDā€™s seems not to happenā€¦

Is my 760A dying?
Didnā€™t used it much tho :sad:


Cheap discs?

The recommended brands is pretty limited for dual layer.

[B][U]DVD+R DL Media for PX-760A
Brand (A-Z) Media ID Media speed Drive speed Status[/U][/B]
Ricoh RICOHJPN D00 001 2.4x 4X (2,4X ~ 4X) Compatible
Ricoh RICOHJPN D01 002 8x 8X (4X ~ 8X) Compatible
Verbatim MKM 001 000 2.4x 6X (2,4X ~ 6X) Recommended
Verbatim MKM 003 000 8x 10X (4X ~ 10X) Recommended

DVD-R DL Media for PX-760A
[B][U]Brand (A-Z) Media ID Media speed Drive speed Status[/U][/B]
Verbatim MKM 01RD30 4x 6X (4X ~ 6X) Recommended