PX-760a can't create same pxi twice


I have a PX-760a running plextools 2.33 in windows xp. If I dump a pxi file from a cdr (no scratches or marks) using the plextools cd/dvd copy function, and then do it again, the 2 pxi files are not binary identical. Is that right?

My plex premium, for the same cdr, running an older version of plextools (2.24b I think) in windows 2000 can generate binary identical dumps.

Both drives were run at 4x.

Any thoughts?



I use my 760A in XP Pro SP-2 with no problem, although I usually use my Premium for doing cd’s. What kind of files are they?

the cdr in question is an OS install disc. Copy protection issue perhaps?
I’ve had no trouble from my P760A with many audio cdrs (copying twice, binary identical rips).
Could it be a difference between the plextools versions? I should install 2.24b on xp sp2 and try
again. Finding the time though… :wink:

If i remember correctly PT can also rip to ISO? Does the same problem happen with ISO too?

Hi hwp,

Thanks for that idea. I’ll give it a go for sure. One question about iso files, since I’m not familiar with them - is .iso a universal fixed format? In other words, if I took a CD and created an iso using plextools 2.24 or 2.33 or imgburn or nero, or any tool which does .iso dumps, should I expect binary identical iso files from these programs for the same CD?


Yes, .ISO is very much standard. See Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.iso

Ok, problem not solved, but side-stepped. When imaging to .iso both my premium and P760A create an identical dump, regardless of plextools version (and I tried imgburn too). So I’ll use isos from now on. I read somewhere that iso is not good for copy protected cds…is that true? Are there any other drawbacks with iso?

Thanks for the help!