PX-760A burns a lot of BP on MCC04

I attempted to burn a Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC04) disc today with only 800MB of data and it took 20+ minutes. That was sort of expected as autostrategy kicked in.

The odd thing though was that BurnProof kicked in 52 times for 16x burning that was last burned at 6x.

I attempted to burn a second disc, Verbatim DVD+R 12x (MCC03) and autostrategy kicked in again. I was to impatient to wait, but my aging PX-716A has never had a problem burn either discs at full speed with great results.

Is my PX-760A defective? Any ideas?

This is on a completely new computer so I have no reference, but the board is based on nForce 590 (designed by nvidia). The hard drives are connected via SATA. The PX-760A has a firmware of 1.04. I would rather not flash any firmwares, unless absolutely have to. My PX-716A still has the old firmware of 1.06 I think. Works just fine…

20+ minutes and lots of BP sounds like your drive is working in PIO-Mode. Please consult the FAQ for a remedy. (I think the solution is also described in the manual.)

Nope, I checked tomake sure it isn’t running in PIO mode. Device Manager for the IDE interface reports Ultra DMA 4.

A Nero CD-DVD Speed Write test using the “Create Disc” function would be very telling. How about trying that and posting the write graph?

Attached is the Create Disc function with MCC03.

I just tried to burn another disc with my PX-716A instead and it performed marvelously. Sounds like I my PX-760A is a dud.

delete all mcc004 strategies in your as database. then set as to auto and burn @16x - and it should work fine just like this:

Shadow200, the AS was already set to auto and the media used is MCC003. Regardless, everytime I burn it automatically creates an autostrategy profile for both MCC003 and MCC004.

Perhaps, I should upgrade the firmware… I see you are using 1.05. It is just hard to believe that firmware 1.04 released in August 06’ would not have a strategy for old media like MCC003 and MCC004.

Shadow200, are you using Nero 7? Is that why you have newer Nero CD-DVD Speed that me? I use Nero 6 Ultra and have Nero CD-DVD Speed verison 2.11.4.

Looks like a firmware update from 1.04 to v1.06 fixed the problem. I got 1 burn proof error now and it took about 2 min to burn 800MB to a DVD+R, MCC004 as opposed to the 20+ minutes and 52 burn proof errors.

It is kind of shoddy of Plextor to release a product for at least 6 months without having a properly working firmware for old media.

A special thanks goes to hwp, two_degrees and shadow200 for contributing!!!

Remember to clean the AS Database after the FW-update (Plextor recommends this to avoid problems with old strategies and the new FW). You can do this with Plextools.

no, i use imgburn, cdspeed, plextools and nero 6 for burning.
but you can download the latest version of cdspeed here:

With firmware 1.04 the drive would create an AS entry for MCC003 and MCC004, but with the new firmware it seems to have recognized the media.