PX-760A as Slave - Worse Burning Results?


yesterday I installed my new Plextor PX-760A.
As my first (master) drive is a LG DVD-ROM I had to switch my PX-760 to slave, because the motherboard I use only has one IDE-channel.

After burning some different media (MCC04, MBIPG101R04) and scanning it with plextools, I noticed, that the burning results where significantly worse, than most results posted by other members of this forum when using the same media and burner…

Could this have anything to do with the slave-setting of the drive ?



All I can tell is that when I set up my 716a on the same IDE cable as my Pioneer 108d, the Plextor tech support guy told me that “Plextor likes to be set as master.” Now, that said, I just switched the drives in the bays, changed the jumpers, reconnected and went from there, and at the time I was not scanning my burns like now, so I couldn’t say I had the same experience. I pass this on so you have some answer now. :wink:

Also remember that MCC004 and MBIPG101-R04, like most medias, are subject to some quality variation, sometimes even within the same spindle, so it is possible you got a “lower quality” media that was already in the spindle. Also, your setup is likely different to other users in this forum, and that is another factor that could influence your burns to some degree (how much is not certain).

I’m sure if anyone else has tried this, that they can weigh in, to provide you with input on their experience, and help nail it down further.

Thanks for your reply.
Think, Im going to switch my drives, too. I know, its possible to be a “victim of quality variation”, but I tried different media and all didn`t bring good results on the PX-760A as slave.

Burning the same media in my LiteOn 165P6S and scanning it with DVD-Speed showed very good PIE and PIF values…



You have to make the fastest master, same experience here.