PX-760A and usefua help

So far, I’ve conducted hundreds of accurate rips with my PX-760A, which I’ve been using for a few years now. Up until recently I was using EAC with -usefua, ripping in Secure Mode, and my drive settings were Accurate Steam: Yes, Cache: No, C2: Yes. For popular CDs, I was just using AccurateRip to determine whether or not it was good, and for the lower confidence titles, I was doing a Test & Copy.

Recently, and by recently I mean the past month, I’ve noticed my drive producing some inaccurate rips much more frequently. So, I changed my settings to Accurate Stream: Yes, Cache: Yes, and C2: No. This is what I’ve discovered that the drive features seem to detect as. The rips are now much more reliable. After doing some poking around on the Internet, it seems as though there’s some debate as to whether the 760A even benefits from usefua in the first place. Did I have my settings wrong all this time? Was I just really lucky with my rips all this time? I can’t really remember how I set it up originally so I don’t know if the drive was detected that way or if I set it manually.

Either way, all my rips are either verified by AccurateRip with a reasonable confidence and/or ripped with matching Test & Copy CRCs. So, re-ripping hundreds of CDs would probably be foolish and of no gain, but I’m just wondering: if I indeed had the settings incorrect, does it make sense that I would have been able to produce an accurate rip 9 out of 10 times?

Oops… to clarify, it detects as Yes, Yes, Yes. I unchecked C2 to ensure the rips weren’t inaccurate due to incorrect C2 detection. I suppose though if I thought usefua was in action, and the drive was actually caching data, then that might have been the cause.

OK, so I guess I’m only half crazy? I fired EAC up again today with -usefua, and I get my original results. Obviously those results aren’t entirely accurate but that probably means I didn’t just dream them up.

Does anybody have any experience with this drive and usefua? I think for now I’m going to stick with the “safer” settings but can anyone comment on this strange behaviour?