PX-760a and DL Errors

I have encountered a very dissapointeing trend with my 760a and DL media. I have found again and again that it will write the first layer extremely well. However, when it begins the second layer a massive increase in PI errors is seen. They literally jump from an average of perhaps 2-4 to 40-50 (see below). I think this must indicate a problem somewhere, especially when so many people have found good results with their own 760a.

I am writing exclusively to the supposedly excellent verbatim 2.4 speed media (MKM001). Autostrategy, PoweRec and the other settings are at their default value while either IMGBurn or CloneCD performs the actual writing.

Irritatingly, I bought the Plextor to repalce a LiteON SOHW-1693s which recent analysis has shown to produce DL’s with a PI average of 2-3 across the whole disk!

That’s no problem. Do a scan of a pressed DL disc and compare. You’ll probably find that the discs your burner is producing are better than those you can buy …

I dare say you are right hwp!

I think what concerns me the most is the contrast between this - acceptable I will totally agree - performance and the far superior effort made by my old liteon (see below). I wonder if there is anything I can do to get that second layer error rate down?

Perhaps a little precipitously I gave the old drive to my girlfriend alongside a Pioneer DVR-111. I am now considering buying her the fast LG model to repossess my 1693s!!!