Px 760a 1.01

Here’s the link.


Thanks for the info! :flower:
Any changelog?

  • Correction of the trouble where full mode of the AUTOSTRATEGY does not end normally.

What that’s all?
Why being stingy, i hoped for something like improved 18x writing quality etc., but the fix with AS is also ok.

If they manage to improve the writing quality this will probably be one of the best DVD burners ever made. :iagree:

I guess it happens with the next firmwares. However i like my 760.

Now appeared also on the US website:


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I’ve come across this.

From zebadee’s link:

Notice:Regarding PX-760A Firmware Download-Unofficial Version 1.01

Please be noted that Firmware 1.01 has not been released by Plextor officially, and it is not recommended that you download this firmware from any other web site. The installation of this unofficial version may cause damage to the drive, for which Plextor will bear no liability.

I don’t understand, it’s already in Plextor.jp and Plextor.com (USA).

We suspect the message relates to the 1.01 that was floating about a week or so ago. That firmware was basically PX-755A 1.02 firmware.

We have RPC1 patched the new firmware. http://tdb.rpc1.org/#PX760A

Brother Vlad

Thanks for the info and rpc1 firmware, TDB! :slight_smile:

Now available at Plextor-Europes website:


Besides, the following note is now shown on FW-DL-Pages:

“Warning: in order to avoid malfunction or other unpredictable behaviour, it is highly recommended to use only the official firmwares that can be downloaded from this page.”

Does your patch also disable the protected commands like this one http://qpxtool.sourceforge.net/problems.html ?

One FW with all patches would be great.

It does not.

Brother Vlad

what is the RPC1 patch?
does it disable riplock?

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Take a look at this.

Mine came with 1.01 rev 001 on the box I guess tells you that. I do agree the firmware needs some work on 18 burns…does them fast though 5:35 for a full burn.