PX-760 or PX-608CU

Add me to the list of people whose Plextor 716 drive suddenly stopped working. :iagree: Long story short, I was about to burn a disc for my friend when I thought to myself “Hey, I wonder if there is new firmware available". Low and behold, I found 1.10, downloaded it, and flashed the drive. Attempted to burn the disc and Roxio gave me an error that said something like “cannot write to file/cannot create file” (something along those lines). I decided to downgrade to 1.09… still didn’t work. Tried to upgrade again…nothing. That’s when I found the forum. I attempted the self-test, and sure enough now I’m only getting the amber light that blinks three times… I hooked the drive back up to my computer, and now it won’t read anything. It acts like there’s not a disc in the drive. So, I figure to heck with it.

To give you a little bit of background… I was using the PX-716UF (USB). I’ve got a Dell Laptop, so I can’t go internal… (well… I CAN, if I want to order a cheap replacement drive from Ebay…but I really don’t feel like going that route.) I’m in Japan for the time, so whatever drive I go with is of course going to come with Japanese software…so I thought about sticking with Plextor because I already have the English software I need (that which came with the 716UF). (I’m not Japanese, so the Japanese software would not do me much good…plus my Windows XP is English)

I’ve thought about two options. I’ve been hearing good things about the 760A drive (Since I’m in Japan, I have the option of going with the 760A or the 760SA). If I go that route, I would be installing the 760 drive into the 716’s enclosure (which I have not heard very good things about). My second option (which is really tempting) is to buy the PX-608CU drive. I have read the review about the PX-608CU and it makes the drive sound just “OK”. Also, is the PX-608 an “official” Plextor model? (I’ve heard a couple of Plextor’s newer models are actually other brands, just “re-badged” so I’m cautious.) I’m looking for a good quality drive that will last me a while and make quality burns. I’m not worried so much about the money nor the speed. (I very rarely burn a DVD above 8x as it is). So, what do you think? Should I go with a 760 model or the 608 model?

The burning software that I will be using is Roxio 7.0. Also, I downloaded the 2.35 upgrade to PlexTools, however, I never used PlexTools when my 716 worked (in fact, I only recently installed it.) However, the “auto-strategy” only works with PlexTools installed, is that correct? So, as far as that is concerned…I think I’ve been burning DVDs this whole time without the Auto-stragety function. (Oh well, it has been giving me good burns regardless) Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.


I’m really surprised I haven’t had a reply yet… any ideas?

I seriously doubt the 608CU will give the functionality of the 716UF. A 760A will work in the 716UF case as long as you don’t try to burn faster than about 12x. It’s a shame the 755UF isn’t available in Japan as that would probably be your best option.