Px-760 in Ebay availble!


Only in german language!

Why does the picture show an ancient cd writer?

Maybe because the seller doesn’t have the device yet (how could he since it isn’t available yet) and puts it on sale nevertheless …

This could be real interesting if Plextor decides to delay the 760A’s market introduction :bigsmile:

At geizhals.at/de
there are two version of this drive
is this a rebadged drive??

ps: sorry my english is bad, I know

No, it’s an enhanced version of the 716a.

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I’m not 100% sure but I thought it referred to colour &/or retail /oem.

I seriously doubt the 760 will work 100% with the USB 2.0 case pictured, and even if it does, there’s no way it’ll burn at 18x speed…the case uses an ALI chipset. :disagree:

The vendor has for obvious reasons not been able to test it… :bigsmile:

I’ve asked the shop some questions, esp. about the image and how they handle technical problems. Let’s see what they answer :-)).

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Compare. :doh:

As far as I know T3K means the BULK version of the drive while T3 means RETAIL.

REVOLTEC??? Is that a joke?
Sounds like “Revolting Technology” to a native English speaker! Too funny!

The 760 and 750 has been available in Greece since 3/11/05. http://www.diskimpex.gr/firstlook.htm

Do they ship?

The external case shows a drive with audio output. The 760 does not have audio on the front if the picture of the internal is correct. And how could Greece have a 760 since March if Plextor just announced it as available in December 05?

It’s a 40x CD writer, not PX-760.

Kenshin I’m afraid not. This store is basically the Greek importer of Plextor and only sells large quantities to other stores. You can buy from them a single drive but only if come here. bob11879 3/11/05 translates to day/month/year.

What I meant is whether they actually ship PX-760 to anyone. If I want to have PX-760A or any other DVD writer, I can import some myself or go to Tokyo instead of Greece. (Simple math: US$200 vs. US$2,000) :slight_smile: