Px-760 in December

I asked the salesoffice for europe about the release day
for germany and they wrote me that it is delayed until
15 th december a few units of the Px-750 will be shipped
next week.

Then i’ve still to wait for my preordered 760!
In the shop the’yre told me it would be delivered 21th nov.

I will wait after Hardware Revision 03XX and Firmware 1.05! Plextor is no longer “King of Quality”! :sad: Sorry Plextor :a

Lord Croft stop posting these useless comments. We get it, you’re disappointed by Plextor.

2 G@M3FR3@K:

No, i’m not disappointed by Plextor. I will wait ONLY for a good PX 760, but i will buy the 760 when will be a “mature” machine! Actually, i’m VERY VERY VERY happy about my PX716A (TLA #0304!), like my old PX712, like my old 708 and so on… :bow:

How many users have RMA’d their first models of PX716 from his “birthday” (NOV/DEC. 2004)? “A lot of many” reading old threads, unfortunally… :sad:

My advice is only to wait for best models. Only the last models are OK to buy, but not the first on the market this is true! I love Plextor from the beginning of burnings, i had many machine of this brand. I hope Plextor to be newly “KING Of Quality” with all my heart in future!!! But if Plextor burners are too cost i want the best quality! :cop:

In this forum i believe which we have to help also to do best buy not only help on best “PIE/POF” on such media? Or not… :iagree:

I believe which my last comment wasn’t useless, here in this forum any simple problem or comment (positive or negative) from any user is usefull for help and advice everybody… :rolleyes:

Where can I get the new 760-SA in the UK?

I guess sometime in early 2006.

How can you say that a drive will be bad if it hasn’t even been released yet? Yes, you are correct when you say that there was a problem with the first batch of the PX-716A but this of course doesn’t mean that this problem happens with every new drive. Comments such as this one you made are useless, wrong and annoying. So I say again: let’s just wait for some reviews and user experiences before judging this drive.

I don’t even need a review.:stuck_out_tongue: Just hope Plextor releases this soon as I can’t wait. I am missing my 716A more than I thought I would.

:iagree: :iagree:
If there was a problem in the beginning of the release with the 716, i think that
this shouldn’t happen with their new flagship. So the quality control could be
higher at this point. Most of all new drives comes and performes better with new
firmware releases, which included support for newer medias, new strategies or
maybe a new option etc…
Like crossg said i need no review, too. That’s why i preordered the drive!

I hope the PX760 is really a good drive… I hope… :iagree:

Me too :iagree:

Looking back i’d dare say that there has been no mechanical problem with the 716a. Not even in the beginning. There are owners of early units out there whose drive works just as fine with FW 1.09 as drives of most recent production. Of course there have been cases of DOA and such but looking around I see similar cases with other brands too.

However with the release of the 716a i think Plextor made a strategic blunder in Firmware development. If you look at FW 1.00 and 1.01 you’ll notice that the supported media list is rather slim (1.02 was the first major update). This is rather uncharacteristic for Plextor, who usually features a very wide media support. I can only speculate but to me it looks like Plextor intended to base the 716a almost entirely on Autostrategy. I.e. they’d save a lot of work on creation of writing strategies and have the drive work it out. Since Autostrategy was still in it’s infancy back then (remember only 8x AS was possible in the beginning) this seems to have backfired a bit. Plextor then turned around and went for the classic approach by implementing a big FW database. This development can be clearly seen in FWs 1.03 (to a lesser extent), 1.04 and 1.05 that significantly increased the supported media.

IMHO today the 716a is a very mature product that can act as a true workhorse. However it was not, is not and will never be a miracle drive that will burn crap media so they will still be readable in years to come. But then that cannot reasonably be demanded of any drive.

Given that Plextor seems to have corrected their initial blunder with the 716a pretty well over time i think we can hope the design of the 760a will profit from this experience. Of course we’ll have to wait for a unit to appear to make a final verdict…

@ hwp
That could be right, but some plextor guys i contacted a time ago, told me there were also some hardware problems with the first models or series and the 716 should come earlier on the market, maybe if you can remember the drive came later!

I think with the very first batch (TLA#0000) there was a problem because Plextor Europe did postpone the release of the PX-716A in Europe.

Well… about some ‘batch’ i have read on other sites which that bad batchs was assembled in China and not in Japan or Taiwan… was true? :confused:

Someone know something about this? :bow:

i had two made-in-japan units & both were faulty;one i am using is made-in-china & works ok

i’ve only ever seen china made drives save for the pre-production review units that were MIJ…

I have my unit, opened by me 2 times:

1º Because the “Vibrations” issues

2º Because ( i suspect ) a bad connections betwen the lents and the circuit, in a small “IDE” cable…in wich my Plextor was almost dead, wasn`t my intervection “inside”…

I hope they did learn something…


P.S.- Wasn´t, i happy with mine 716, i would pre-order a 760!