PX-760 Firmware 1.03 broken?


I was wondering if firmware 1.03 for PX-760a is broken? When burning DVDs with firm 1.03 i get read errors on the dvds using my Nec 3540 or PX-130 as reader. With firmware 1.02 i get very solid burns with no read errors and a good curve. The DVDs burnt with firm 1.03 can be read in PX-760 without no read errors but thats not acceptable, a good burnt dvd should be reable in all drives or something is wrong. This happens on both good and bad quality media.

I always burn with Autostrategy as Auto and PoweRec on.

And Yes dma is enable, my system is working etc etc. Iam 150% sure the firmware is buggy, just wanted to know if someone else had this problem. Or atleast can do some tests…

I will check some discs (also burned on 760A with 1.03 FW).

checked 3 discs.
first 2 are Verb -R MCC03RG20.
One with a type of hiccup, but maybe the reader (isn’t a very good reader)
last one is a Sony -R Sony16D1 also looks ok.

I cannot compare 1.03 to 1.02 since i never used 1.02 but for me FW 1.03 seems to work pretty good: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=183632 .

When you updated to 1.03, did you clear the Auto-Strategy Database?
Read this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=178095

You might try the following: 1) clear the AS Database 2) (Re-)flash FW 1.03, reboot and then try again burning something.

Also some furter info might be of use: What media (id code) where you burning at what speed?

theEye: Your burns looks fine. Ive also used MCC03RG20 media with firm 1.03 but still get read errors. This is strange cause firm 1.02 works like a charm.

hwp: I am very sure i deleted the old AutoStrategy database before burning with firm 1.03, but perhaps i did it before after i updated from 1.02. I will try update to 1.03 again with the database clean.

The media i used was TTH02, crap media i know but they work quite nice with 1.02. The other media was good quality MCC03RG20. Same problems on both media.

Anyway ill get back in awhile with the results.

hwp: I did what u told me to do. Updated to firmware 1.03 without any strategies in the database. Here are the results…

Media used is TTH02.

Test 1 Autostrategy @ 8x using Plextools
Test 2 Autostrategy @ 8x using IMGburn
Test 3 Autostrategy @ 12x using IMGburn. I hate slow burns so i deleted the strategy and it created a faster and better one.

Looks like it is working now so thanks very much for the tips.

I am interested in the idea of deleting any existing autostrategies before upgrading the firmware.

I flashed my 760a to 1.03 before writing any disks. Fresh from the factory, as the burner did not get chance to compile any custom strategy is there still a need to delete the existing ones before flashing?

I dont’ think so. (I did the same as you.)