PX-760 Errors

OK…so I’ve been finding that any DVD Movies I burn off are bad, using single layer Sony DVD+Rs (which show up as Taiyo Yudens). When put in a set top player, I get problems around the 30 minute mark on a 2 hr DVD. THe player starts to lock up, and I can hear the drive spinning up and slowing down - this has happened on panasonic and Sony ES drives (as well as an older Sony non-ES player). When I do PI/PO checks on these discs, I find a heightened number of PIE errors around the 1/4 mark on the disc, however it doesn’t seem THAT high. I’m finding this on every disc that has a problem.

Sadly, my drive is just DAYS out of warranty (my 716 died a week before its warranty was over in August06, and they gave me a new 760 to replace it, and the 90 day warranty it had is gone)…I did a drive self check though, as a tech was going to talk to a supervisor with authority…and while it passed the self check on these same brand of discs, it still had an elevated number of PIE errors, albeit not as high as other discs.

I’m using the latest firmware (1.04) as well as Nero7 (not upgraded, although I am going to upgrade tonight and try again). Oddly enough, when I looked at the auto strategy on these Sony discs, it said these were capable of 12x, and they are rated for 1x-8x on the disc label. When I had Plextools do another check on the media (quick non-destructive test) it came back saying they could only handle 6x. Do I have a bad batch? What is going on here?

Thanks for any help!


A DVD movie I burned:

The drive’s self test DVD:

Did you set the bit setting to ROM? Run the FE/TE test to check focus/tracking errors and determine if the disc can be run at max speed. The graph may tell you if there is an issue at that point in the disc. The error rate looks excellent.

Maybe Beta/Jitter values are bad with that disc, but I doubt it because the PI/PO scans look excellent.

The booktype is definitely set to DVD-ROM, otherwise Plextools would show media ID in the scan.

EDIT: Typo

I did an FE TE Check of the DVD media I am using, as well as a complete AS scan. I also did a beta/jitter test. Here’s all of the tests I have run on this media:

FE/TE Says it can be written at max speed per the pop up window when the test finishes.

Beta/Jitter on the disc that doesn’t work yields this:

A full AS scan of this media says it can handle 12x burning. What the heck is going on here, as I am utterly confused.



Here’s a second go at the beta jitter test:

A quick test of some other discs I’ve burned that are bad reveals similar test results.

Furthermore, a TA test on the Out Disc zone says the disc is good, whereas the inner and middle are Very Good.

Also, I’ve found that depending on what disc I test from this spindle, the FE/TE test reveals VERY different results.

The tests don’t look bad.

Maybe someone else has an idea.

EDIT: Typing error

Well…I’ve finally figured it out…bad media.

All of the DVDs fail at the same spot (relative to how big the audio and video tracks are) but I can burn the same exact disc 2 times on this spindle, and the error will happen at the exact same spot, where the FE/TE test shows a small spike. I tried burning a disc on one of these Taiyo Yuden discs, and another Sony disc from Taiwan. While the second type shows a lot more PIE errors, it plays without a hitch…I’m going to call up Sony to get these replaced.

Thanks for the help guys. I’m glad this isn’t my drive!

I had the same exact problem with my 712 and a batch of Verbatim DVD+R. The problem occured when the drive switched speed from 6x to 8x, and that happens at the spot where you also had problems. I had PI-errors over 200. So, yes, it was a media problem for me too.

I now only use guaranteed original TY from Plextor and haven’t had a problem since. At most 5 bad burns in over a 1000 burns, just incredibly reliable discs and burner. My two new 755 is also chugging away without problem. Not a single bad burn on them yet, but i started using the with fw1.05.

Media is [I]very[/I] important.

Further testing…and guess what? Autostratagey is my problem. When I go to CD/DVD info, I get:

By disc specs I can go up to 8x.
By drive specs, I can go up to 12x. All of my previous burns were on 12x. I did one at 8x (with AS on auto for all) and I suddenly get perfect burns. Any clue why this is? I had cleaned my AS database out through plextools, and then run a quick as well as a comprehensive burn on these discs and still had problems. Is this actually due to the drive’s firmware not working right? Do I need to force AS on?



Then those discs are not suitable to be overspeeded. Stick at 8x then.

The darndest thing is that they worked at 16x on my 716…grumble. AS is pointless…