PX-760 acting strange when ripping

I have noticed recently when ripping some movies that my plex unit isn’t consistent. For instance I have alot of DL movies, and my lite-on and Benq Rip them all under 20min.

With my Plex drive some movies rip super fast, others uber Slow about 42 min for a movie. Just so you all know I have Speed Read enabled in the plex tools. Does anyone have any insight as to why My Plex is ripping very slow?

Disc quality. The drive will slow down to maintain fewest errors. Other drives may just read and hope the ECC takes care of the errors.

Since some read fast, the drive and Speed Read are working fine. If others are slow, could be stamped quality, i.e, flatness and eccentricity, stamper quality. If all were consistently slow, then I’d look for drive or system issues.

Thank for clarifying that for me. It seems then then the other drives are not a picky about errors then plex.

Plex tend to slow down when some errors show up. I had some other drives reading at full speed and then suddenly giving an CRC error message without slowing down :frowning: