PX-755UF or old Freecom CD burner for burning CDs?


I’ve just bought a Plextor PX-755UF to replace a 5 year old Freecom external CD burner (I think the model is titled 8432). Yes, only just got to the DVD recorder age :bigsmile: .

Anyway …

Which drive would likely be best for burning CD media please? The old Freecom will burn at 1x speed, which the PX-755UF seems not to (at least, I didn’t see this listed), and I have read in the past that burning as slowly as possible is the best bet. However, I have also been told that with modern drives burning at the stated speed (eg if this were DVDs in the PX-755UF I should stick with 16x) gives the best results. Plus, the PX-755UF has buffer protection and other fancy stuff that the Freecom lacks. But then it is a DVD recorder, not specifically a CD recorder.

Of course, I’m going to try burning to both and then run the efforts through Plextools, but just wondering what people think :wink: .

All the best!

Plextor DVD burners (760/755/716/712) are fairly good CD-R burners, and you can burn as slow as 4x. The quality will probably be best at either 8x or 16x because modern CD-R media and burners are not optimized for slow burning.

If you have some older CD-R media rated at 8x and below it’s possible that your Freecom would be better than the Plextor, but with current CD-R media rated at 48x and 52x I bet the Plextor would be better.

You could always try burning some CD-R media in each drive and then use the PlexTools Q-Scan functions to compare the quality (C1/C2 and Beta/Jitter).

As for burning DVDs, I bet that you will get the best results when burning at 6x or 8x in your PX-755, but it may depend on the media. I mostly burn at 8x in my burners because my tests show that it’s better/safer than the higher burning speeds for almost all combinations of media and burners.

Many thanks Dragemaster. Would it be safe to assume as a follow-on that media designed specifically for 8x (eg Taiyo Yuden T02) would work better than media designed for 16x (eg MCC 004, or T03) please?

All the best :slight_smile:

In my experience, the 16x rated media work just as well as the 8x rated media at 8x burning speed in general - provided that you use a drive with proper firmware support; some older drives don’t have properly calibrated firmware support for the newer 16x media (or perhaps no support at all).

As for 16x media compared to 8x media in the Plextor PX-760/755 I’m not ready to say yet, as I haven’t done enough testing.

Well, I picked up some Verbatim 16x MIT DVD+R today. Will try to trial burns tomorrow, at 4x, 8x, and 16x.

The firmware on my PX-755 is 1 release out of date but if the burns work OK I will likely keep from updating for now.

Will let you know what results I get …