PX-755SA problems with Nero Vision


I had a 740 that worked great but I had to give it away for a client with an emergency. I figured the 755 would be a good replacement but I’m having problems I didn’t encounter with my 740. When I use the latest version of Nero Vision to burn AVI files to DVD (I put 4 episodes of 2 1/2 men on a single DVD) - at least one of the episodes with have timing issues - will move about at what appears to be 15 frames per second and the audio sync is way off. I tried updating the firmware on my device to 1.04 and that didn’t seem to help. I already have the latest version of Nero so I’m curious what other items I should check. I hate to have to slow down the burn speed but I could give that a try.

I’m using Verbatim 16x DVDs which worked fine with the 740.

I’ve burned a few more DVDs - some have one episode that recorded OK and 3 that are off sync and fps and then I have some with 4 episodes that are unwatchable.

The source of the AVI files is a fast hard drive that I used in the past with my 740. The drive and the burner are on different controllers just as my 740 was in the past.

I uninstalled my previous verision of Nero - downloaded in April. The current release (from May - Nero- seems to work a little better but still sound will often be off by about 1 second and there will be 10 seconds of corruption randomly occuring throughout a DVD. Wish I knew if this was a Nero or a firmware issue.

Sounds like an issue of Nero to me…
I still found the latest version (in Nero 7) is too buggy…

Try another app for recoding, such as DVDShrink or CloneDVD - and use IMGBurn to burn the created Image.

Thanks - I don’t know that I’m having much of an issue with the rest of nero mostly I need the ability to burn AVI files to DVD for standard home theatre dvd playback- which program does that well?

Is your DVD player capable of playing AVI (divx, xvid)?
Then you can use any recording software you want…

If you hava to convert the avi to DVD compliant MPEG (VOB-files), then use a converter before burning. I prefere VSO ConvertXtoDVD for this job.

I tried NeroVision, the latest version included in Nero 7, for this job (converting Divx to MPEG) which gave me unwatchable results. Then I used ConvertXtoDVD, and everything worked fine again. The NeroVision included in the latest Nero 6 release worked fine too…

My usual procedure with divx/xvid-AVI:

  1. Convert it to MPEG/VOB with ConvertXtoDVD
  2. Burn it with Nero Burning ROM 6 or as VideoDVD.

Thanks Pianoman. I converted the file to VOB without issue but when I try to drag it to the Video folder using nero set for video, it won’t let me.

Plextor suggested I update the bios on my motherboard but I’m already running the latest. I tried another SATA controller - Promise 378 S-ATA my system wouldn’t let me pull up disk manager, device manager, or my computer - just hung for about 3 minutes opening these before I shut down and switched back. I am able to access hard drives using my Promise 378 S-ATA without any issues.

While I believe the 755sa may have potential - I can’t recommend getting one for all users at this time - my 740 never had any real issues and I never burned a single bad disc after updating to the benq firmware on the 740. I should have either purchased another similar unit or waited til benq came out with an SATA unit. I buy a lot of new equipment and I would say about 5% of the time I regret it and wished I bought the older unit or just something from another manufacturer but 95% of the time I’m glad I moved forward. Of course one patches and updates become available that number usually drops to about 1% Perhaps when new firmware comes out for the 755sa it will work more reliably but right now it is a $100 cup holder.

What message does Nero give to you?
I create a new project, set to DVD-Video and drag the Vob-files into the Video_ts folder which Nero created automatically.

Which app did you use to convert the Avi to Vob?

Did you try to play the content from the folder on the harddisk?
PowerDVD is able to do that, so you can be sure that your source is converted correctly.

Sorry - I forgot to go back to this question. I tried last night and it turns out the issue is because my VOB file is just over 2 gig (2.3) It suggests I convert to UDF but I couldn’t seem to get that to happen.

The vob file plays fine on my hard disk.

Once Again:
Which app did you use to convert the Avi to Vob?

Xilisoft. The VOB file plays fine from the hard drive - the issue is that it is over 2 GIG. I’m sure if I make it smaller your advice would work or went with UDF vs ISO. I appreciate your advice as I always wanted to know how to do that anyways. I have detected serious glitches with the plextor no matter what burn method I use or speed, or quality(DVD copies, AVI conversions, etc.) This DVD burner is a POS. I’m done wasting time on it. I ordered a benq 1650 yesterday evening. Life is too short to spend on Plextor defects. Considering that I had not a single issue with my 1640 and that none of my 4 previous DVD burners gave me any similar issues I’m convinced that the 1655 has no value and will either have to be fixed with a firmware update (beyond 1.04) or will have to be returned.

I test new equipment constantly and don’t regret selecting such a frustrating POS. I can only learn from their mistake so I don’t recommend this dunsel to anyone else. I was so enamored with the speed and quality of my 740 that I just ordered another Plextor to replace it without thinking it through that Plextor just put their name on a good product and I shouldn’t have assumed that products made by Plextor are as good the products they rubberstamp.

I had many issues with Plextor network drives, phase drives etc long ago and for some reason I thought Plextor had gotten their act together - (fool me twice) shame on me.

Well, I have a some BenQ drives too (see my sig), and they burn very good.
Recently, my 1655 died…but the replacement works great again.

Besides, the Plex 740 is a rebranded benq!

Though, i can’t live with your problem… :disagree:
In xilisoft, isn’t there an option to keep the vob-files @ 1 gig?
My ConvertXtoDVD never gave me such big files…

There are several options within xilisoft but I just don’t need to spend any more time on the issue. I’ve gone through about 25 otherwise good blank verbatim dvds (Good until I put them into the plextore 755sa). The non sata 755 might work - I don’t know and I won’t bother finding out - I’ve hopefully learned enough from this that I’ll just buy any other brand than plextor and will be happy.

I’d be happy to take that 755SA off your hands, as mine is working perfectly.

My Plex 755A does a great job too - Two Degress knows that from our scans in the Plex section :iagree:

It prefers to burn @8x with AS-OFF on my Verbatim MCC004.

Two degrees - thanks - I may end up putting it up on ebay I figure if I do it soon I should get about $100, I’ve done pretty well there in the past. I could also probably still return it - but then they’d want that restocking fee - bastages :slight_smile: