PX-755SA D915PSY Motherboard

I’m about to buy a PX-755SA. I have Intel motherboard D915PSY

Don’t know much about S-ATA, and I wonder if it’s possible to connect a PX-755SA to this motherboard.


Plextor has not yet published a list of compatible S-ATA adapters for the 755 as they did for the 712SA and the 716SA. However the lists for these drives as found here: http://www.plextor.com/english/support/support_compatability.html migth be valid for the 755 too, since the SATA implementation is probably the same as in the 716.

Your board is not mentioned (the D925X CVLK is), but since it probably uses an Intel chipset (ICHR6 ?) it looks like there should be no problem…

Where do I check if I have ICHR6 ?

The Link you posted has it under the 915 chipset. Click. Or you can download PC Wizard or SiSoft Sandraand they will also give you the info under Motherboard. :wink:

Thanks a lot crossg! Nice program!

I have SouthBridge : 82801FB/FR ICH6/ICH6R LPC Interface Bridge. Let’s hope I can connect the PX-755SA to my mobo.