PX-755SA announced for US

…But no 760SA or 755A? What the heck is Plextor USA doing?!

Why don’t you ask Plextor? (scnr)

According to Plextor USA website, both PX-760A and PX-755SA will start shipping first week of April with MSRP prices of US$ 119 (760) and US$ 129 (755SA).


The Plextor motherboard/SATA compatibility list is so out of date, how does one know if the drive will work in their system?

Intel chipsets are golden, there are few compatibility issues reported.

Nvidia based chipsets are a bit different. I know initially nforce based systems had fits with the SATA Plextors. I believe many of those issues have been resolved with driver updates, tho I can’t be certain as I’m not running one.

I’m not sure about the oher vendors and chipset compatibility. Some would question the wisdom in using those solutions (myself included)… but that is a discussion for another day… :smiley:

It thinking that mb with the ICH5 or 6 chipsets should be ok. I have Intel board which is not on the list, but the chipset is. What bothers me is that Plextor says the PX-755SA “Test was conducted with 2 SATA HDD set up as RAID. Motherboards with 2 SATA ports or less are untested and therefore considered unsupported for this drive model”, and mine only has 2 sata, but is native. I’m thinking it’ll work ok because it supports native SATA. I won’t find out until tomorrow though.

Everything working fine, had it for few weeks now. FYI my mb is Intel D875PBZ.