PX-755SA and FW-Update using Vista

I have to upgrade the firmware of the PX-755SA from 1.06 to 1.07, while running Vista Ultimate.

  1. Self extracting firmware-file

It does not run. After extracting the PXFirm3 starts and hangs.

  1. Binary firmware file and upgrade program

The PXUpgrade32 does recognize the DVD-writer.

  1. Using the update function of PTPXL 3.13

Same result as on 1.

The last possibility to upgrade the firmware seemed to be the upgrade for Non-Windows-Systems.


Why did you make it with the zip you linked?

Make it the way the readme.txt says and erverything is fine!

Plextor firmware upgrade procedure for non-Windows operating systems.

  1. Using a recording program, burn the .iso image to a CD-R.

Note: Do not use the .iso image as a file in a project. The
recording software should be used to copy the .iso image to a CD-R, making
the CD-R an exact copy of the installation firmware.

  1. With the tray closed and empty, press and hold the eject button until the
    LED blinks Amber 3 times.

Note: The LED will blink Green 3 times and then Amber 3 times.

  1. Release the eject button. The tray will eject. Load the disc and close
    the tray.

  2. The drive will read the disc (Amber LED) and the tray will eject automatically
    if the upgrade is successful. If the LED flashes in a one-blink pattern, the ISO image
    was not copied correctly or the disc cannot be read.

  3. Reboot the system to finalize the upgrade.[/I]

It is important that Windows Vista is not running. The best way to prevent this is to go in the bios setup to prevent booting the OS and than you make the steps described in the readme.txt of the ZIP.

Unfortunately I cannot edit my message. Shortly after send it to this group, I have upgraded the firmware with the created CD-image. Plextor should complete the readme.txt with the information, that no OS is running, while upgrading the firmware.