PX-755A - suddenly DVD+RW write always fails


since a few days i cant write DVD+RW anymore. I would like to know your opinions on my symptoms … is it a hardware, software or media problem ?

SW: Win XP SP2 + all MS updates, PlexTools Professional 2.35 (not XL, LE, HDD)
HW: PX-755A, connected via ATAPI
FW: 1.07
Media: Verbatim DVD+RW 1-4x (#43489)

Other SW:
WinXP IMAPI service was manual/stopped and now it is even disabled.
Nero 7 with ImageDrive is installed, but Nero InCD is not installed.

Other HW:
Intel P 840 D(ual core) 3.2 GHz, Asus P5WD2 Premium

When i burn DVD+RW, since recently, i always (!) get error 030C07 (media error), even on 2nd and 3rd try.
Then i checked the media on my older PC (PX-780A). It gives the same error on 1st try always, but always works on 2nd try. Burned media is readable both on PX-708A and PX-755A and on my TV-DVD-Player.
Ive been using various Plextor drives for years, always with verbatim media, with almost no failures.
The PX-755A is about a year old, always used Verbatim DVD+RW, always worked fine. Playing Movie-DVDs sometimes fails, sometimes works since recently - before it always worked.
Burning CD-R still always works.
I am pretty sure that i havent installed anything CD/DVD related at the time when the errors started.

These symptoms completly confuse me …

Has Verbatim recently changed something that would explain going from 0% to 100% errors ?

If my PX-755A has a HW problem, why does it still burn CD-R, read all data CD/DVD (R/RW) and only sometimes chokes on Movie-DVDs ?

If it is a media problem, why does it work on the 2nd try on my older PX-708A ?

Somehow my belly thinks it might be some software/driver problem, but i have no further clues what i should check …

Any ideas how i can get a better diagnosis of whats going on ?

What other media would you recommend instead of Verbatim ?


Hard to tell, could be the drive, the media or software. You’ll have to go by elimination, trying other discs and putting the drive in another PC or doing a clean XP install. Verbatim DVD-RW 6X is probably better, but not +RW obviously.

I know how you feel when a great drive fails on you, I have the same model and it started to do what yours is doing. My problems started when my Abit board with a intel chipset decided to die on me. Stuck it in a identical pc witha via chipset and my problems started. It burns at 4x rw media but everything else fails. I dont use cheap media either - its either Sony, High end Vervbatim, Infiniti or plextor.

Are you using a via chipset ? In which case update to the latest drivers from

http://www.viaarena.com/or get a separate SATA card as the VIA stuff can be twitchy.

Check the motherboard compatibility info from plextor @


Hey Millka,

I have got the exact same problem as you with the PX-755A and Verbatim DVD+RW 4x medias. And my PX-708A has always been burning fine on that particular media. For some reason, the 755A doesn’t like the my Verbatim +RW media?!

thought I must say, that right now I’m in a very good writing stream with the mentioned media, as my 755A has burned DVD-video flawlessly more times on two of my Verbatim +RW medias. But sometimes, it just ain’t too happy about “closing” the media the right way, as it takes forever to do it. And often the disk can’t be read after the closing.

The last firmware update for the 755A did make the +RW writing better, but I’m still suffering from too many closing problems with the +RW media. I’m not sure if its only the Verbatim +RW 4 speed, or its general with +RW media, as I haven’t tried other brands.

On CD+R and DVD-R and +R I have no problems at all. Only on Verbatim +RW 4speed.

And I think Plextor is aware of problems in that direction, and have fixed “something” in a firmware upgrade. But I don’t think they have optimized the drive 100% for writing on these medies.

Anyway, make sure that you use the latest firmware update for your drive!

Try to make a multisession Verbatim DVD+RW 4x disk, and see whats happens. I think you will see, how bad things really can get, if we have related problems with the drive. I used to use DVD+RW multisession burnings with my 708A, which worked very good. I could burn again and again on the same media in multisession mode.

But the 755A very quickly makes a mess of out the multisession burnings. And its always happening, when the media is going to be “closed” at the end of the burning. It takes forever, more minutes and nothing happens?!
And suddenly, when the burning finally is over, the disk can’t be read anywhere. Just frustrated!!!

I know for sure, that my problems are drive related, as I have used the 708A in the same computer without any problems at all. I’ve also tried different software - plextools, Nero. And none of them seems to write properly on +RW 4x from Verbatim.