PX-755A/SA - Scanning? Nero CD Speed wont work!


I got my PX-755SA today. I’ve scanned some discs using plextools but i’m not keen on it as a scanner. I tried scanning with DVDInfoPro and Nero CD Speed but the start button is grey’d out! How do I scan with these?

At the moment, you can only use Plextools Pro/XL for PI/PIF scanning with this drive.

Cheers. I take it, its just not supported yet? Are other Plextors supported for scanning?

You can only use PlexTools to do PI/PO or C1/C2 scans with Plextor drives.

thanks for the heads up. I’ve managed to figure out and interpret the scans. I dont seem to be finding any bad scans tho, even crappy Ritek is giving ok results. TY discs wont go past the 10 mark on PIE.

I’ve just replaced my NEC 3500. The Plextor seems so much more solid than the NEC (tacky). I was a bit weary due to the issues people had with the 716 but this drive seems as good as the 12x CD-R i bought in 2000. Very happy with my purchase.