PX 755A or 760A?

Hi everyone,
Tell me your suggestions and experiences?
Which one is a better reader?
Which one will last longer?

Thanks a bunch,

They are practically the same, except for the speed. :slight_smile:

if money is not a problem and speed is a concern; go for the 760A.

The 755A is the same except for the 18x speed burning. (the riping speed is also better if i’ remember correctly).

i am very happy with the 755A .

Are you crazy?

760 of course! :bow:

755 “sucks”! :bigsmile:

The 755 and 760 are, from what I understand, the same drive except for firmware and maybe a motor tweak to hit 18x. Identical in all other aspects, i.e., components and mechanism.

To sum it up the differencies are:

  • Motor
  • disc holding mechanism (on motor and case)
  • different rubber/foam-strips padding
  • extra rear cooling holes
  • 18x ±R vs. 16x
  • 16x ROM-DL vs. 12x
  • 8x -RDL vs. 6x
  • Firmware is the same but acts depending on the drive-type it is installed on.

The 755 is the 760 as it was originally intended to be. But since (apparently) 18x turned out to be problematic it was renamed to 755, limited to 16x and an overhauled model 760 was introduced.

My question remains. Using TY and Verbatim discs ,in a 4x-6x speed which model gives the better writing quality 755A or 760A???Many have both of them so give a solid answer.If someone have both, the only thing to do is only two tests with plextools with a single disc.The best result wins.So simple.

An other difference is that only the PX-760A/SA support the use
of the new [B]AS-Striker[/B] tool:

This seems only to be relying on a firmware bug in PX-755. An improved firmware for PX-755 should also result in a consistent asdb file.

Two tests isn’t going to tell you anything significant. Besides, as people have said, there isn’t any difference in quality between the two drives. Just pick one.

If one test shows 3 max PIF and the other 9 PIF I think that there is a huge difference.

doesn’t show anything. I can get that result burning 2 dvds in the same drive.

I had those two drives and I burnt same discs with both in order to see the quality but the results were the same: so, with same firmware the drives were burning with identical quality. I performed the tests by burning MCC004 Verbatim media at 12x. The 760 though allows for 18x speed and that is all. Few days later I kept the newer unit (760) and sold the older one (755) but I repeat there were no differences between their burning quality on the media I tested.

Thanks Corbus for your answer!!!