PX-755A - Lens issue or something else?

Hi people, I’m facing some problems with my PX-755A drive.

A couple of months back, the drive started acting up on me, showing power calibration errors whenever I tried to burn DVDs. This happens for all my mediums, Sony, Mitsubishi, TDK, Ricoh, etc. I popped in a lens cleaner disc and let it run for a while, and after that, I was able to burn a DVD again. But a couple of days later, the message started popping up again.

I’ve tried a couple of things that I found when Google-ing about my problem, such as updating the ASPI drivers, firmware, etc. I tried buring with Nero, I tried burning with PlexTools, but nothing seemed to work.

But when I tried burning a CD, it had no problems. It has no problems reading CDs, but some DVDs don’t seem to read well on the Plextor (lag, etc.).

Lucky for me I have a backup drive, a Sony DRU-700A, else I wouldn’t be able to do anything. (Which also has some problems, its stuck burning at 2.4X, can’t go any higher)

Any thoughts? I’m hoping to solve this without needing to send it back to Plextor.

Thanks in advance!

I think you might have to send it back to Plextor. It doesn’t really sound like a dirty lens.

By the way using a lens cleaner disc never is a good idea.

Maybe someone else has an idea…

Say “Goodbye” to your PX755! RMA…