PX-755A 1a03?




PlexFirm.ini (mod)

Inquiry=PLEXTOR DVDR PX-755A ;
Use DVDRW Caution=Yes
Use Binary Information=No


You mean you modified the .ini and flashed 760_101 to the 755?


A little more information on what is going on would be really cool! :cool:

EDIT: Typo


1.a03 looks like a beta build. Use at your own risk.


Error: No Drive found

… and yes i DID change the .ini


When you run the PX760_101.EXE (just double click, don’t flash), it will create a new folder (for example: pft39D~tmp) in your TEMP directory and there will be four files in there: eme_101.bin, pftw1.pkg, PlexFirm.ini, and PXFirm3.exe.


You can extract it using winrar as well :smiley:


Hehe you’re right! :doh: Using Winzip also works. :smiley:


Yeah both ways work but it won’t find my master-connected 755a although I modded the .ini


The point of this?

Great would be turn a 755 on a 760! :iagree:

Does any one get better results, on using a 755FW on a 760?




All that seems a little risky! :cool:


Why? The drive is just on the market, so you can buy a new one, if you really need this.

…I also tried to flash with the modified INI -->No Drive found!

Also tried to modify the string “760” in the bin-file with an Hex Editor.

Drive was found, but Error during FW-Transfer at 20 Percent…
Drive still alive…I´ve reflashed with 755 FW 1.02.