I just installed this px-755 and the plextools version 2.30 and the Q-check features are all in the yellow and can’t use them.Is there anybody who has this drive and these q-check functions that work with it and so yes what version are you using.

Thank you

I think you’ll need the latest one version 2.32a

I’ve just downloaded it ,will try it after the dvd test is done.

Thanks for reply

Everything works exept the c1/c2 test,there i get the info that it was unable to read disc info.
I’ve burned it with the px-708 maybe that’s why,ive taken a few dvd-r i’ve burned on the 708 and the PIE starts at 160 and then falls back to 40 in the middle and then balances between 40 and 60 till the end so that’s just a good burn but not a very good one?
The log says PIE av:45 max:163 total 802000 POF : 0
PIF : av:0,02 max: 5 total: 2501 POF: 0 This was going good with 1-2 but at the end a smal peak of 4-5
Can i believe these results because i’ve burned always 2x on my 708 because it’s an 4x recorder and take half the speed of the drive and always used taiyo yudens,from plextor-verbatim and originals or could these dvd’s be better as shown on the test?
So now i’ve got a 16x burner with a stock of 8x plextors,what do you suggest for recording speed,i’ve read to take the half of the lowest speed,so it would be 4x for safe burning?

I just made my first burn with the 755 and the test is at the moment ongoing but now the PIE starts at 14 and is now balancing between 6 and 10 so this is a lot better score and an excellent burn,i’ve burned the plextor 4x
Could it be that the 755 test of my dvd burned with my 708 could be good also,the one in my earlier post or are those results acurate.
Are the results of a test burned with another burner reliabel or not.

test is done PIE: av:2.13 max: 14 total: 38071 POF: 0 so the px-755 burns excellent.

What if my last burns with the 708 were bad,is it possible to back them up again to HD or will the errors still be there if i burned them with the px-755?


Congratulations for your new PX755.

hi,lord croft
could you give me perhaps some advice on my 2 earlier posts please?
I’m not such an expert.


Yes! If i can!!! :wink:

I’d burn them at the rated speed, 8x.

I also have a PX-755A burner. I have burned CD-Rs at 48x, where PowerRec automatically optimize the burnspeed to 32x. I think 16x Verbatim DVD’s is burned at 12x or something with PowerRec ON.

I guess its best, to let PowerRec decide the speed, and hopefully get better burnings. I like to know if I’m all wrong here :confused:


I’ve burned a few dvd-r 8x from plextor (TY) now at 4x and get excellent results with PIE max at 14 and average 2,13 and then PIF just a few 1 and 2’s so i will stay with taking half of the max recording.As soon as i get the plextordvd-r 16x i will burn these 8x.