PX-750A firmware 1.02 - no more 16x burning


I downloaded the 1.02 firmware for the PX-750 from http://www.plextor.be/technicalservices/downloads/firmw_750A.asp?choice=DVD-Recorders
. Since installing it, my TDK 16x printable DVD+R CMC MAG-M01-00 are only recognized as 8x capable in IMGBurn.

I backed out the firmware down to 1.01, and the drive can do 16x again with those discs.

My question is, what is 1.02 supposed to fix, and are there any hacks for the Plextor to override the burning speed for cetain media codes ?

Also, is there any way to make reading speed any better ?

16x +R burning happens in about 6 minutes, which is fine, but the verification pass takes 8 minutes … And grabbing of pressed discs is no faster than on my 2 year old Sony DRU-700A.

My question is, what is 1.02 supposed to fix,
I guess crappy write quality on crappy media due to unreasonably high speed