Px-750 Fw 1.01 / Px-230 Fw 1.02

Plextor Europe (www.plextor.be) has new firmware for download:

PX-750A V1.01

* Improvements: Write quality .

PX-230A V1.02

* Improvements: Playback compatibility with AudioCD.

* Fixes: Read out of Drive buffer capacity during writing.

When are they gonna update the firmware for the PX-130A?..with a proper date.

I don’t get the download, it tells me:

The page you’re trying to access cannot be found.

Click on the Plextor banner at the top of this page to return to the front page of www.plextor.be or click the Back button on your browser to go back and try again.



Hmm, the download doesn’t work here either and it’s also not available on the Japanese website anymore as far as I can see.

I hope they release one soon, not that it is already necessary cause my 750 works fine (for the moment :bigsmile: ) I also bought Nero 7, no problems with it (for the moment :bigsmile: )

it is :), I hope they release an update like they did for Nero 6



Current version is Download it here.

Regards, :slight_smile:


Nero is crap get sharpish! My PX-750A is crap :frowning: all this time waiting to afford one and it sucks cock! (And not mine) sorry but the DVD-RAM just don’t work! gonna send it back unless Plextor europe can work a miracle (I’v heard it’s just a re-badged example anyway it works on DVD-R and DVD+R (Altohugh Nero dropped the writing speed on a cheap 8x to 4x (prob crap media) THe DVD-RAM that the "plextor 750-a CAN’T handle is a panasonic LM-HB47E

I have tried this and didn’t work :frowning: thanks for the hack though, sure to help someone!


I got it to work now (not sure how i feel!) okay i…

Went to system/hardware and updated the drive for the .inf file in one of the panasonic etc drive packs

then (after restart) the drive didn’t work so i uninstalled from windows.
windows did not restart proplery but after hard reset windows loaded again with a new Drive (DVD-RAM!!!) what a bover! Sorry My soloution is vague it was an accident!

Seems that Plextor need a DVD-RAM Driver in the box or on-line. Do you agree?

Yes me too. I was dissapointed that they even couldn’t help me when I mailed them. They just said that I had to try all availlable dvd-ram drivers.

But I got the DVD-ramdriver to work with my PX-750. I used the driver from
a link somewhere else in this forum

links of the files are:

I changed the following things in the installation:


Under the head [SearchString]
Add PX-750A to the empty 003=


search for the strings:
TEAC_DV-W516E_devdesc = "TEAC DV-W516E"
TEAC_DV-W516E_1_devdesc = "TEAC DV-W516E"
TEAC_DV-W516E_4_devdesc = "TEAC DV-W516E"
TEAC_DV-W516E_S_devdesc = “TEAC DV-W516E”

and change them to:
TEAC_DV-W516E_devdesc = "PLEXTOR DVDR PX-750A"
TEAC_DV-W516E_1_devdesc = "PLEXTOR DVDR PX-750A"
TEAC_DV-W516E_4_devdesc = "PLEXTOR DVDR PX-750A"
TEAC_DV-W516E_S_devdesc = “PLEXTOR DVDR PX-750A”

Note: these strings occur 2 times in the file and there are 2 spaces between
DVDR and PX-750A

After changing those 2 files just install the driver with setup.exe. After the reboot an extra icon of a removable drive should appear in My Computer