PX-740UF a reliable scanner using CD/DVD Speed?

[SIZE=2]Is my Plextor PX-740UF external (BenQ 1640 flashed with BenQ 164B external firmware) considered to be a good quality scanner using Nero CD/DVD Speed I know my other drives (Pioneer DVR-112D, Optiarc AD-7170A and Samsung SH-S203B) either won’t do quality scans with this software or won’t produce reliable results.

The PX-740UF seems to make very good and relatively fast burns at 16X and works with CD/DVD Speed on Firewire, but I’m not sure how reliable the quality scans are. I’m using it on Firewire because it does not appear to produce good burns on USB and will not do quality scans at all with CD/DVD Speed on USB.

I’ve searched the CD Freaks forums for info on CD/DVD Speed quality scans with this setup, but can’t find anything. I’d appreciate any info I can get on this.

Your PX-740-UF crossflashed to BenQ 164B external firmware is an excelent scanner. Enjoy:D

Your Samsung SH-S203B should scan with similar results to a Lite-On DVD writer as it also has a Mediatek chipset. It will do quality scans with CD-DVD Speed but you must first make a small change to the registry. Go to “KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality” and edit the value for “Blocked” to remove Samsung & TSST. As it’s a Mediatek drive it might also work with KProbe.

Now you won’t have to wear your Benq out as quickly.